Frankie Animal

Live Act Indiepop Rock Alternative Rock
Frankie Animal - Indiepop Rock Alternative Rock Live Act in Tallinn

Frankie Animal Short Info

"Frankie Animal's punchy guitar pop plays like a slap to the head. If you're not in the mood for a night out, the Tallinn-based quartet might even issue a real one. Slinky, seductive, and ready for anything, this is exactly the pick up you need before getting down" - MTV Iggy.

"The band's shows are truly an immersive experience, all chopped up songs, stage presence and killer lyrics" - Clash Magazine

When the quirky rawness of Jack White meets the delicacy of Feist and Jeff Buckley you get a certain something also known as Frankie Animal.

Discography Frankie Animal

  • 2017 Pretty Late Single | Unsigned
  • 2017 Nightlights Single | Unsigned
  • 2016 The Backbeat Album | Unsigned
  • 2014 Obsession EP | Unsigned


  • Sound Nightlights
  • Sound Pretty Late
  • Sound The Backbeat
  • Sound Lady Of The Light
  • Sound The China Song
  • Sound The Pipers
  • Sound She - Lion
  • Sound Golden One
  • Sound Kiss Me (On the Spine)
  • Sound Sticks (Don't Let Me Doubt ...
  • Sound Obsession
  • Sound Behind The Walls
  • Sound November
  • Sound Sightless
  • Sound End Tonight
  • Video Frankie Animal - Nightlight...
  • Video Frankie Animal - Pretty Lat...
  • Video Frankie Animal - The Pipers...
  • Video Frankie Animal - The Backbe...
  • Video Frankie Animal - The China ...

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449,199 Plays
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  • Tallinn EE


  • 2012


  • Marie M. Vaigla vocals/keys
  • Jonas Kaarnamets guitar
  • Jan-Christopher Soovik bass
  • Kallervo Karu drums

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