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08 Nov / 2019 tba! Brussels, Belgium
21 Nov / 2019 Karel Music Expo Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
11 Oct / 2019 LPAC Lincoln, UK
31 Oct / 2019 Thousand Island (supporting Theodore) London, UK
07 Nov / 2019 tba! Brussels, Belgium
09 Nov / 2019 tba! Brussels, Belgium
22 Nov / 2019 tba! Sardinia, Italy
23 Nov / 2019 tba! Sardinia, Italy
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Eyre Llew
Cc5feb0b7247a6727dbcb951bb7d9d2f1fce93bf Carrier Single 2019
Dc4a1c3940bbc57735f8dbc534e0b7805e97077d Atelo Album 2017
1ad609d69b5cc0e3e050e82cf32afde64289e2ea Vorfreude Single 2016
9ff3d2651714caaefd209a998b5ddb96d8234fca The Deep Single 2016
563aedd3dac5167d8069fbeb3830831a610179ff Lunar Single 2015
E8d72d084d23f8bff9f14e804f589a836a3ab525 Caulis Single 2015
2ee7bd44e7dff753e575e32ab7785e8ce2b38eb5 Fero Single 2015
28d7a2576499747241949b0d946078176d0c4c88 Leo Single 2015
D78f4120fd601fd9ae49066f9a2f76a9d0df3ac1 Hiraeth Single 2014
E88084050790477b021a881ba9b18f237fa48c90 Forali Single 2014
5e2e2f8cd7710254ab95982a48cabcff02f0a286 Mortné Single 2014
Beeline Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Carrier EP 2019
Patrick Connor (Asia)
Gray London
Graham Perkins
Press Text
Recently having played on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2019, Eyre Llew are a fresh off the touring scene and into the studio, writing album two.

Described as atmospheric ambient-rock the trio from Nottingham, UK have been getting out there in front of audiences, touring worldwide since their sold-out debut show in May 2015. Having formed in August 2014 they have embarked upon a series of stunning live shows which have seen them gather momentum and an ever-increasing number of devoted fans. In the first two years of existence, they released nine singles in digital format before recording, producing and self-releasing the critically acclaimed album Atelo (2017) and a Korean split EP called Carrier (2019).

They independently launched Atelo on Thursday 19th October 2017 with a sell-out show at the 550 capacity Glee Club, Nottingham (pictured). Their hometown’s city council called them "One of the Nottingham's most exciting prospects in years” two days after the show they went out touring around Europe for a month-long tour. with a UK fanbase back home buzzing with support behind them. After a show in Estonia, they were told that their debut album reached #24 in Drowned in Sound's Top 100 albums of 2017. Countless reviews came in from other internationally respected music outlets like; Kerrang, BBC Introducing, Louder Than War, God is in the TV Zine, Getintothis, GoldFlakePaint among others with Gigwise saying they are "Arguably one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now."

The start of 2018 kickstarted Eyre Llew with nominations and shortlists for three Unsigned Music Awards at The Great Escape Festival in Best Rock Act, Best Record, and Best Music Video categories. Twelve Showcase Festivals nominated the 104 most promising artists in Europe as INES#talent 2019. Eyre Llew have been selected with extra support from Gigmit and Liverpool Sound City to be a part of the Innovation Network of European Showcases throughout 2019 - pushing and focusing their international footprint out of their home country.

By the end of 2019, they will have had performed across 25+ countries, completing several tours around the UK, Europe, and Asia since selling out their first-ever show back in 2015. Returning from their second Asia tour over the Autumn of 2018 they carried on to work at new material between shows. The trio road-tested some during their UK tour through April 2019 releasing their split EP 'Carrier' with South Korean band 'In The Endless Zanhyang We Are' as part of an international tour exchange. After more UK festival appearances and mutliple sold-out shows over their career, they are into writing album number two over the summer. Performing at various showcases, festivals and gigs around the UK, Asia, North America and Europe.

Eyre Llew have already been featured multiple times on BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, Kerrang! and a number of film/TV syncs including; Jonny Owen's 'Don't Take Me Home' documentary. This year is sure to be the one that takes the trio to the next level, having signed with management and getting significant label interest behind the scenes along with plenty more touring and release plans throughout the year, it's an exciting time for the band. Previously championed by The 405 and Fred Perry Subculture as well as being labeled by Drowned in Sound as "ones to watch”.

Eyre Llew have made UK festival appearances at; Glastonbury's John Peel Stage, Liverpool Sound City, Y Not, The Great Escape, Dot to Dot, Focus Wales, Ritual Union, Rockaway Beach, Alternative Escape, Outlines, 2Q, Handmade, Icebreaker, Perth Music Expo, 110 Above, Beat The Streets, Splendour, Riverside, Waterfront, Farmfest, A Carefully Planned, Hockley Hustle, Karma Fest and Rockaway Beach...
+ having sold out shows in Latvia, Korea, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Slovakia, Lithuania since 2017 - Eyre Llew have made international festival appearances at; Music Matters (Singapore), Beastie Rock (Taiwan), FIMU (France), Seazone Music & Conference (Poland), Zandari Festa (South Korea 2017/18), Zagare Fringe Festival (Lithuania), HOTS Outbreakers Lab (Hungary), Live at Heart (Newfoundland, Canada), Seaside Urban Music Festival (Jeju, S.Korea), Sofar 10th Anniv. (Latvia), SpaceFest (Poland), Freilich Open Arts (Austria), POFF Shorts (Estonia) with many more to be announced very soon.

____________________ REVIEWS ____________________

"Eyre Llew... deal a sonorous, moodswing, ambient that is clouds of dark guitar noise and rumbling soundtrack drums. It’s powerful and arresting and fills the room with billowing clouds of melancholic beauty.... a surprise joy. Sigur Ros meets Mogwai slow-core and really pleasant stuff too.” - Louder Than War

"This is Leo by Eyre Llew... It's wicked!" - Daniel P Carter, BBC Radio 1.

"Just brilliant" - Dean Jackson, BBC Introducing, East Midlands.

Now sometimes a band comes along and just stops me in my tracks, hits me between the eyes like a musical bullet, stopping me dead and leaving me thinking how the hell are this band not absolutely enormous!? They have rendered me absolutely breathless. This is a beautiful band called EYRE LLEW... - Alex Baker, Kerrang!

"...a leftfield extravaganza of the highest quality..." - Drowned In Sound (début show review)

"One of Nottingham's most exciting prospects in years" - Nottingham City Council

“Among all the talents that took turn to shine on stage, there’s this one band from Britain, Eyre Llew, that came to blow everybody’s mind...” - AsiaLive365

“They have taken their fans on a journey before even setting foot on stage.” - The Korean Times

"...emotionally charged, atmospheric ambient soundscapes. Incredible ambient post-rock" - Fred Perry Subculture.

"Eyre Llew are probably unlike any other band you've ever heard before - a truly beautiful experience that tugs you away from your own troubles and worries." - New Roots (March 2015)

"Our highlight of The Great Escape Festival [2016] has to be the intense and ethereal Eyre Llew." - Outpost PR

"Mastercraft musicianship" - QRO Magazine

"Positively wonderful" - The 405

"Arguably one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now." - Gigwise

"Time to get down to the serious stuff and tell you about Nottingham’s best new band in years Eyre Llew" - Neon Filler (live review)

"A very special listening experience...EYRE LLEW could be your new favourite band" - LeftLion Magazine

"This isn’t run-of-the-mill music...It is fantastic" - Nottingham Post

"They've become the most talked about new band in the city...they're a revelation standing out like sore thumbs amongst the has-beens and never-will-bes." - Drowned in Sound (Splendour Festival review)

"EYRE LLEW are sure to set the bar high" - One Record Magazine

"A formidably accomplished performance" - God Is In The TV Zine

"One of the most highly rated new bands on the Nottingham scene" - Nottingham Live

"Absolutely stunning" - NUSIC

"Outstanding track! Not to be missed" - Arctic Drones

"One of the most epic pieces of music these ears have been accustomed to" - Drowned in Sound

"Just wonderful" - Behance

"Sent shivers down my spine." - Subba Cultcha

"Beautiful ambient builds and large swooping and sculpted soundscapes. They were a welcome change from the intensity of the other stages." - Yeah Buddy DIY

"(Eyre Llew)...wowed the crowds into silence with their beautiful sounds." - NUSIC (live review)

"Rescue Rooms is busy and you can tell why - Eyre Llew are destined for good things." - Subba-Cultcha.com (Dot to Dot '16 live review)