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64edf015ffa5a25f481f5f2d9eb173e034a9421e Psychic Traveller EP Single 2011
4a35c70d54f8805ebffe6d725b69480eda2de3b3 Binary Star EP Single 2012
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“Find Me should be the next James Bond soundtrack!” – Marc Langsman, Beatcamp UK Psychedelic Trance DJ and singer Rena (aka Psibindi), has teamed up with top music producer Hannah V (Rihanna, Jessie J, Stormzy) to record her brand new single 'Find Me', launched on Psy-Sisters Music - the global arts collective and music label.

Her sensational vocals and masterfully produced melodic score bring power to lyrics co-written with Hannah V and Alice Ella, featuring all the ingredients of a commercial hit set to shatter music industry stereotypes.

Rena has been attracting media interest with her latest single, having been interviewed on TV show London Live and featured on BBC Music Introducing London and Wandsworth Radio.

Rena is now preparing to embark on an international tour with her new live band featuring the musical talents of composer and pianist Edward Abela, drummer Alessandro Vitiello, bass player Russell McGuire and guitarist Martin Savale of the legendary UK dub band, Asian Dub Foundation.

The classically-trained Brit-Asian artist and all-round sonic sister, is also known none other than the international electronic music DJ, Psibindi, renowned for playing at some of the largest events around the world. Psibindi has created three successful EPs, Psychic Traveller, Binary Star and Elliptic with psy-trance maestros Aphid Moon and Mechanimal, all of which have been critically acclaimed across the psy-scene and are being played at some of the most vibrant dance floors across the world.

From the studio to the stage: her stunning live act performance at Hungary’s Ozora Festival 2016 had a large crowd of dance-hungry people stomping to their heart’s content. She then kicked up a storm at Boomtown Fair's Tribe of Frog Stage. Her dedication, skillset and energy has caught the attention of many festivals and events leading to headlining tours across UK and Europe including: Poland, Lithuania, Finland, Italy, Holland, Spain, Ibiza, Mallorca, Germany, France, Malta and India.

Psibindi is the founder of Psy-Sisters, a global arts platform for female artists and a network for creative collaboration. More than 800 female artists have emerged to showcase their respective talents on the Psy-Sisters network.

Rena is collaborating with innovative technology giant Native Instruments, on her mission to promote women and Asian artists in music, having been previously interviewed on TV on the topic alongside other top artists such as Naughty Boy, Hannah V and Jay Sean.

"Rena's fusion of dance and house music with Hindi inspired sounds is a real thing of musical beauty. This, combined with her passion for engaging audiences as an international DJ, with new tech innovations and via her Psy-Sisters collective, has all the hallmarks of a truly remarkable, world-class music artist."

- Anthony David King, Music Investor

"Find me has great a feeling to it, perfect in tempo, comes through with amazing production. Rena's voice and performance adds spark to the composition and words that she has put together. Certainly one for my playlist"

- Jataneel Banerjee, Composer & Producer

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