Chris Veron
DE Freiburg, Germany – Techno / Progressive Techno / Dark Techno
Chris Veron


Chris Veron @ Sea You Festival 2017 - 15.07.17

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Lauter Unfug
660183059c299f2b5e536819cdd621576e4845e5 Race Beyond Single 2019
0444358540cc98ecb6fda345c23cdcd4743fe0e2 Black Synth EP Single 2017
Enter Music
2d4bb0326a8d8a2ef8e0a0c7710b88a241ee8694 Pandorum Single 2018
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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Enrico Sangiuliano - Moon Rocks (Chris Veron's female vip Remix) Remix 2019
Riot Recordings
3e64625fb9d1c29a421309ff6845e0836170700c Mars Hunter Single 2017
Reload Black Label
93d36d86dc71a1bce8acb3f455bbe8eccfcb6e8a Jupiter Single 2018
8ae2c1b10c1153d0ffff4ff309124c43e0e1be1b Summer Space Single 2017
IAMT Music Group
723b9f8ed9954f25c52264e34529fb4ad074b65c Fury Road Single 2018
Aa0662aa8c7654c70246498026c95394ee06efbc Right Here / Groove Your Mind Single 2018
Rubik's Recordings
B3a6c3b1079b026654b5fdff0f37592d4883a612 Green Kosmos EP Single 2019
Orange Recordings Limited
23b58f4cfc9211412213aeb237a3b18f1b00565d Confused Single 2019
Funk'n Deep Records
7fc9491d0396f3c43b3d89896aed67f6b3097268 Orbit Control Single 2019
No Agency
BTF Booking
Mila Martinéz
Press Text
Chris Veron (UNRILIS / PHOBIQ / BITTEN / ORANGE / FUNK’n DEEP / IAMT / PROSPECT / RUBIKS / IMMERSION / RIOT / Redrum / Frequenza / Reload Black / Enter / Lauter Unfug / Sea You Festival) BIOGRAPHY English version: Chris Veron is a passionate DJ and producer from Freiburg and currently the most up-and-coming techno artist from Southern Germany.

Grown up near Frankfurt and therefore since the middle of the nineties he has grown deep with the electronic music and the scene.
Chris has made a name for himself well beyond the tri-border region and emblematic electronic blood flows through his veins. This can be felt and seen in each of his gigs and it is also reflected in his productions. Driving forward, sometimes melodic or sometimes harder, but always the groove in focus. His sets are each time again an uncertain electronic journey, pure magical energy and passion, with the absolute flair and sensitivity for the crowd!
As a DJ for a long time no more unknown, now proves his long-term activity as a producer and he also draws attention far beyond the country's borders. His current tracks on Bitten and Prospect stormed the Beatport hype charts and made a splash, supported by acts like Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Monika Kruse, Spartaque, Luigi Madonna and many more. Likewise, he recently played in London and for the end of 2019 and the next year are releases on the most prestigious labels in planning as well as gigs in Germany and abroad.
He is not for nothing Resident of the SEA YOU Festival and since 2006 also resident in Freiburg's most popular Techno Club Drifter's.
Since November 2017, there is his new podcast series "Black TECHNO Friday", which every Friday presents well-known artists from all over the world and finds a large audience on all known channels. The corresponding successful series of events with headliners is now available since October 2018.
The name "Black TECHNO Friday" is here program and he rightly advertises this series with the slogan "The Best Techno from Around the World"!
Chris has more than 15 years of experience as DJ (Vinyl & CD + External Effects) and therefore
Now is the time to convince Chris Veron's performance live.