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Treble Trouble Records
Ab67616d0000b27327016488ccdd6c4e878a9263 While the World's on Fire Single 2020
Treble Trouble Records
Fitz aka Feetz
Treble Trouble Records
Fitz aka Feetz
Treble Trouble Records
Fitz aka Feetz
Press Text
"...eclectically-inspired endearingly unforgettable debut EP" / “...cathartic instrumental experimentalism and grounding lyrics" / "...refreshingly distinctive songwriting approach" / "...perfect pinch of melancholy while exuding fragile optimism" / "...what it would sound like if Elliott Smith experimented with synths" / "...I can’t recommend Blackstate enough" Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory, Voted 10 Music Blog in the UK ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Dancing grooves with hardcore/punk roots.” Blackstate is a fresh & new experimental music project created by the experienced songwriter-musician and visual artist Filip Tasevski - Fitz.

“🤡 Blackstate is about Friday. Two o’clock. About almost surviving another day. Another week. About the weekend and about getting f*cked. About how social media is great. About eating a burger. About the “good life”. About cat videos. About being sane. About the fact that anxiety is perfectly normal. About the fact that insecurity is (not) a fear of the future self. About more cat videos. About not needing the truth. About being a wolf. About an angry emoji. Love emoji. About how this country sucks, but you’re really okay. You’re happy. You’re sane. One day less alive.

And then it’s also all about the likes. The follows. The leaders. The hype. The thrill. The dopamine awards. No wrong values. About being too ambitious and the failure in the rat race. It’s about being a hostage of this fast-paced world. It’s about the heroes that will never be heard. It’s about working against your true self. When the body tells you that something’s wrong but you still need to do it, because... well, that’s just the way everyone does it.

And am I a hypocrite to post things on social media? Certainly. But to bite the hand that feeds us with power, money or reputation is exactly what *all the privileged f*cks like me should feel obliged to whine and kick and scream, until everyone has everything they need*. And how much really is that?
So lets dance while the world’s on fire. “

*quote from ”Resisting Tyrannical Government”, Chris Hannah (Propagandhi)

- - - - -

First of all, Blackstate is 1000% DIY. This means that literally everything you see and hear about it is written, composed, recorded, produced, performed, designed, developed and directed by Filip Tasevski - Fitz aka Blackstate himself.

“Dancing grooves with hardcore/punk roots.”
- a close friend would say.

Coming straight from the DIY hardcore/punk scene, Filip Tasevski - Fitz (now 32) debuted under his new pseudonym BLACKSTATE in 2019, with the single “WOLVES”.

He started doing music and mixtapes at his early age, and in 2002 he formed a hardcore/punk band - now named “The Beginnings” (previously “Noviot Pochetok”), for which he’s mostly known and with whom he did several longer European tours and 5 LP releases. Until 2019, he was also a part of some other music projects such as Astrolungs (alternative), Retro Cabaret (shlager rock), an acoustic project (western/country), etc. Using all the previous experience in music, but also in design, art direction, web, video as well as audio, he decided to completely ‘reinvent’ himself and create BLACKSTATE - an experimental sublimate of all his alter ego’s. The concept is around 10 years old, but it’s now finally coming to life.

“While the World’s on Fire” is a 5-songs debut EP released via his DIY label Treble Trouble Records & PMG Recordings on January 25th (Digital, all major music platforms) / 1st of February 2020 (special matted-paper digipack CD / exclusively signed limited edition) only available on the festival Zemjotres #8 in Skopje, North Macedonia - the biggest festival for local indie music in the country (+2500 visitors each year).

The EP features works from the period of 2017 until 2019 - where Fitz experimented with different styles of music and this could be noticed on the release.

- - - - -

Lastly, here are some personal comments from Fitz about this record:

“I’ve been preparing myself for my first experimental record since I was a kid. I promised myself even in the earliest punk years that at 30 - I’m gonna try and make different music.

In the making of the concept - after being denied by some of my friends from the audio production world, but also being denied from some close musician friends to take part in this project - I decided to learn it all by myself, as I have learned everything else in my life. I bought equipment. Spent hours and hours of experimenting. Made and threw away so many songs. Defined myself and the style for so long. Then I decided to go on without clearly defining…

Then for this EP - I started and quit millions of times. I recorded new vocals for more than 5 times for each song. At the end I’m still not fully happy, but I will never be happy as I have a perfectionism problem, and this record is all about being opposite to perfection. So better left unfinished.

I also tried to make happier songs, but I have a lot of messages to share with the people. And this sometimes sounds a bit dark. But that’s just me. I hope I will never stop shouting about things that are wrong anyways. I might just change the form, over and over again, but I guess I’ll never change.

Now that everything is on ground zero, I feel the reinventing of myself fully. Stay tuned as I have much more to say and do.”

Lastly, here’s some of the inspiration for this record / while in the process of writing it: Tyler the Creator, Billie Eilish, Peggy Gou, MIA, Bad Religion, Mura Masa, A$ap Mob, Post Malone, Refused, Galantis, Alan Walker, Mula, Travis Scott, MED, The Alchemist, Action Bronson, Justin Bieber, Jorja Smith, GoldLink, Kids See Ghosts, Frank Ocean, Jamie XX, Sigrid, Grimes, Laibach, Anderson Paak, Diplo, Sevdaliza, Lana del Rey, Turnstile, Touché Amore, The Weeknd, Willie Nelson, Sigala, Propagandhi, Childish Gambino, Kostadinka Jancheva Krstikj, Vojko V, FKJ, Johan Sebastian Bach, Crumb, Dua Lipa, Nao, Kamasi Washington, King Wizzard and the Lizzard Gizzard, Chvrches and many more.