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Circus Company
B9c613a9aadba65b78fd1894f064ab7418adc939 Bato chargé Single 2016
C6d73501163e8c7091d706757bfd149e52ab78da Parallela Mundi Single 2013
926e6f8afd3e2229177d5812eefd4c7aa7acf3c0 7 Days Single 2011
Alfa Romero Recordings
98a9a049f5f63a7e7dfa84be9a8f5389cf505ba3 Teasing Single 2016
Rhythm Cult
C00029ee3ba6cf1c1590558ee4055982ec9ef70c Life Worth Living Single 2016
Motek Music
4dbe002968f11a363b4a10aa08f1a0be10e6ef50 Finish Line / OD On OG Single 2016
Wolf + Lamb Records
Ec458e818a04c8b0d90bac78f2237ace195b1afb Work That Body Single 2018
Wolf + Lamb Music, Inc.
De774d2f71a49b45b6a0f77542c130d5f9a30785 Can't Buy Love Album 2011
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Chapter 4 EP 2018
Get Physical Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder We Are Not Who We Are EP 2018
Circus Company
Mathias Duchemin
Press Text
Growing up in Texas and the Caribbean, Brian Brewster became associated with music at a young age.

Starting out as a reggae, dancehall, and hip hop singer, it wasn’t until 2005 when he moved to Paris that he would become connected with electronic music. After meeting dOP in the French capital he began to spend a lot of time with the trio in the studio and in 2010 Aquarius Heaven was born. The sound particularly interested Brian because there were fewer limitations in electronic music and it gave him room to experiment. He was able to push the boundaries of sound to create something outside of the box of the typical house and techno machine. Never forgetting about his roots in music you can still hear the colors of the Caribbean in his vocals.

After relocating to Berlin his first track “Before U Go” was released on the Watergate 06 compilation mixed by dOP. Shortly after that his debut full length EP was release on Circus Company titled 7 days. The follow up to 7 days on Wolf + Lamb even further catapulted him into the spotlight with a dark and sexy music video that created a lot of buzz in the music-blog world before the EP was even released. Since his quick rise in the ranks of the world of electronic music Aquarius Heaven has collaborated with some of the best in the industry including Miss Kittin, Ryan Crosson, Art Department, Mathias Kaden and many more. He continues to build a strong body of work on some of the most well known and respect labels such as Circus Company, Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest, and No. 19 Music.

Shining brightly as one of the stand out vocalists and performers in the scene Aquarius Heaven has traveled the globe and back performing at some of the biggest clubs and festivals such as Panorama Bar, Rex, Space, Watergate, and Zur wilden Renate to name a few. Always in the studio pushing himself to the absolute limit he continues to push out a high volume of quality work with two upcoming EPs in the new year one on his home label Circus Company and another on Rhythm Cult. Showing no signs of slowing down you can expect to continue to see Aquarius Heaven at the top of his game as a staple of the electronic music world.