A2 Roger Blàvia & Dudu Penz
ES Barcelona – Drum ’n’ Bass
A2 Roger Blàvia & Dudu Penz


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A2 Roger Blàvia & Eduardo “Dudú” Penz.

We present a duet with a project full of surprises
including original songs. Unites a history of over 25 years playing together with different artists and bands, as well as founders of the group Tamanduá. Currently Dudú, is part of the Rhythm Complicity. https://www.rhythmcomplicity.com, led by in blue is currently taking the project to the stage with Dudu Penz, Jordi Bonell and Raynald Colom, which is also part of projects such as: trio Carles Benavent, Pedro Javier Gonzalez trio Kitfluskuartet, Kejaleo, Gemini. And he has collaborated with musicians and artists including: John Albert Amargós Serrat, Miguel Poveda, Paul Carrack, Ginesa Ortega Duquende, among others.
Dudu Penz, http://www.myspace.com/dudupenz bassist, composer and arranger of many projects and recordings, and has performed with great musicians such as: Leny Andrade, Chico Freeman, Celia Cruz, Raul de Sousa, David Valentin, Giovanni Hidalgo, Toni Martinez, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Julio Barreto and Rodrigo Botter Maio, among others.
Noted for its foray into music as Brazil, where the original, as in Latin and other sources
creating compositions of great originality and many rhythmic richness, harmonic and
This concert, in training duo offers a range established by the rhythmic and melodic
combination of two instruments with the support loops, vocals and percussion moments
in both hands.

Roger Blavia. Drums and Percussion.
Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1963. A self-taught. From 1978 began his
musical journey playing in various groups of Flamenco, Latin, Jazz and
accompanying singers, and working with theater and dance groups (Diego
Cortés , Moncho , La Fura dels Baus ).
In 1986 he moved to Zurich (Switzerland) touring Europe with bands like:
El Calefón, Cachoeiras, Sina, and creating the group Tamanduá with Dudu
Penz, Leitieres Leite and Christoph Stiefel.
Since 1993 lives again in Barcelona where he continued his musical work
both live and in studios. Some of the artists he has worked since then to date
are: Joan Manuel Serrat (tours throughout the Americas and Spain), Miguel
Poveda, Carles Benavent-Gil Goldstein-Ottello Molineux (BCN-Forum
2004), Jaleo , Manolo Garcia, Duquende, Juan Manuel Cañizares; Ginesa
Ortega, Alfredo de la Fe , Romero Lubambo, AdemirCandido- Raul de
Souza –Cacao de Queiroz , Maria del Mar Bonet., Vox populi, Candela and
Euclydes Mattos ;
Currently includes the following formations: Kitfluskuartet, Jordi Bonell
quintet, Pedro Javier Gonzalez Trio; Chicuelo-Poveda-Amargós "Flamenco
en Orquesta", Bonell-Benavent-Blavia Trio, Marcelo Mercadante sextet,
Carles Benavent Grup , Santiago Auseron , Paul Carrack , Maria del Mar
Bonet , Bao-Cides-Blavia and Kejaleo .
In its work, which combines drums and percussion to create a set mixing his
music he continues to develop between flamenco, latin brazil jazz and other
world music. He has participated in several international festivals, along
with several groups, accompanying singers and soloists and occasionally
invited by symphony orchestras. He has also made numerous recordings of
CD soundtracks for theater, film and TV.
The Association of Jazz Musics I Modern Music in Catalonia, gave him the
award for Best Percussionist of the year, at its ninth and tenth editions

Eduardo Dudu Penz
Born 1964 in Pôrto Alegre (Brazil). Autodidact, began playing guitar at the recent age of 9 years. At age 14 startet to play the bass guitar and made himself a name recording and performing with most diverse formations in southern Brazil.
Dudu Penz moved to Europe in 1985 continuing his carrer performing with most diverse groups and artists in countless festivals, jazz clubs and theatres throughtout the world such as:
Montreux Jazz Festival, North Sea jazz , jazz festival Bern, Ronnie Scott london, Quenn Elisabeth hal london, Umbria Jazz, Istambul jazz festival, San Javier jazz, Coleur café, Philips Dubai jazz festival, Roskilde Music Festivlal , Paris Jazz Festival etc…
As recording musician and peformer Dudu Penz has played with include:
Rodrigo Botter Maio&jazz via Brasil, Julio Baretto Latino world Quartet, Leny Andrade and Bossa Legends, Chico Freeman, Quenn of salsa Celia Cruz, Cheo Feliciano, Tony Martinez&Cuban Power featurnig Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Mercadonegro, Alfredo de la Fé, Brazilian trombone legend Raul de Sousa, Jimmy bosch, David Valentin, Giovanni Hidalgo and many others.