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Visit: http://www.zombienation.com https://www.facebook.com/zombienation https://soundcloud.com/zombie-nation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5LW07FTJbI “Electro superstar Zombie Nation is a true veteran of the studio, having been generating gritty analog hits since his career-defining stadium anthem, “Kernkraft 400.” Next week, Florian Senfter will be releasing his fifth studio album, RGB, on Montreal’s legendary Turbo imprint.URB” — URB “Continuing to push himself forward, new album 'RGB' is a real statement of intent.

Liberally pillaging the history of electronic music, Zombie Nation brings his experience to the forefront on fourteen tracks which run the gamut between house, techno and electro. (CLASH)”
— Robin Murray, CLASH

“Explores the more sensual properties of the fuzzbox, wrapping lanky grooves and quavering synthesizers in a halo of white noise (SPIN)”

“Meathead isn't exactly a light meal - Resident Advisor”
— Jordan Rothlein, RESIDENT ADVISOR

“Far from being a one hit wonder, Zombie Nation has been fleshing out a consistent catalogue of masterpieces - EARMILK”

“ Zombie Nation’s fifth album is a product of sheer craftsmanship, total gear control and well, a little bit of craziness too. A very obscure but highly intriguing affair, the skilled producer has once more delivered a standout LP any fan of warped electronics will love. Beats and Beyond”
— Beats and Beyond

“Music assembled by a man with a seemingly limitless scope, or constructed by androids on a trance-like production line.” “All tracks here are exceptionally strong ”
— The Music Magazine (UK)

“I would say that Zombielicious is already a contender for album of the year, it’s that good”
— Muso's Guide / Music Online Guide (USA)

“…a devastatingly good collection of songs forming his fourth studio album”
— EQ Magazine (UK)

“It's hard to find fault with the seamlessness of this record. With Daft Punk on an extended hiatus and with the echo of Kraftwerk always in his music's vicinity, Senfter's sound is needed more than ever at this time”
— BBC Online (UK)

“… a storming run-through of fist pumping anthems that will no doubt sound colossal at the club scene”
— Clash Magazine (UK)

“Burning energy, gritty funk and a delicious cool wash over the album’s entirety,” “… the world will soon realize that this fella’s more than just Johnny Kernkraft”
— DJ Magazine (UK)

“…an intoxicating adventure through bass thumping, heart pounding, surreal electronic dance soundscapes.” …”the quirky weirdness of early Chemical Brothers, the rhythmic complexity of Justice and peppered in sounds from the '70s, this is what you would get.””
— Exclaim Magazine (Canada)

“Every track pops with fresh reverberations—pounding electro funk, high-octane drums, dirty basslines, rapid-fire tech mash-ups; it’s a masterpiece of sound if there ever was one.”
— URB Magazine (USA)

“…loaded with propulsive, synth-driven, post-electroclash dance cuts.” “…songs like “Supercake 53,” “Worth It Pt1,” and “Forza” are bassy slices of filtered electro that will undoubtedly be slurped up by your local blog house DJ. ”