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ZiggMonster - Hip Hop Rap Live Act in New Orleans

ZiggMonster Short Info

I'm a young artist from New Orleans who wants to get the music to the people and perform in front of a large crowd of people and this why I create this profile. I am still trying to found out when type of artist i am because I really haven't perform a lot, but what I know I like to get the crowd hype. i have been influence by Joey badass, Wiz, and more. I think using this site will help me get more gigs and grow my fan base.

Past Gigs ZiggMonster

  • 03 | 2016 New Olreans Buku Fest

Discography ZiggMonster

  • 2016 S.D.U.T.C.U Mixtape |


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  • New Orleans US


  • 2015


  • QUEENC photographer
  • Cam7 hype man
  • esten hype man
  • sky hype man

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