Residents Of The Future
DE Berlin – Jazz / Progressive Rock / Fusion / Electro Jazz
Residents Of The Future


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Yuval Ron Music
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Flags Single 2013
Ab67616d0000b273d4935c70a73415c4cea1d1e7 Residence of the Future Album 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Residence Of The Future Album 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Live at Klaipeda International Jazz Festival DVD 2006
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Futuristic Worlds Under Construction EP 2004
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Residents Of The Future are an electric jazz-rock quartet who plays original, colorful and unique fusion and consists of four of the most prominent musicians in Berlin's music scene.

Fused from various sources, from modern jazz and fusion to progressive rock, metal and electronic directions, the music gains a unique tone and color, clearly depicting a futuristic, often film-like set. A constant emphasis is placed on harmonic richness, rhythmical sophistication and an extensive use of synthesizers and laptops. With fascinating compositions and spectacular solo improvisations, the audience is lead into a highly energetic and musically electrifying experience.

The band has performed in a variety of venues worldwide - from Europe and North America to as far as New Zealand, and gained wide recognition from audiences, the media and fellow musicians alike. It has released its first EP "Futuristic Worlds Under Construction", and later on "Live at Klaipeda International Jazz Festival" live video. In 2012 it has released its second album, "Residence Of The Future" (available for downloading from website), and its most recent release from 2013 is a studio video called "Flags" with jazz vocalist Tammy Scheffer. In the coming year Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future are planned for some further touring and a new album recording.

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