Written In Waters
GB Brighton – Rock / Progressive / Postrock
Written In Waters


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Cool water running down the back of your neck, pins around the temples and slowly bits of baby hair lift from around your scalp.

Thirteen different octopus eyes look up at you from where your naked toes meet the edge of the sea and there, something lifts on the very inside of your stomach and escapes out of your lips, but not, not your lips, in the room where you aren’t, where you are, where the sound drips on the cobbles, filters through the lights, sequins glimmer on the tide and you, you leave the building and stand outside smoking one cigarette, two, three cigarettes and talking very quietly about, Written in Waters.
Written in Waters have been aggressively pushing boundaries to create the kind of experience that juices all of your senses, rasps against your bones and, when you forget to blink; makes your eyes dry. The Brighton quintet collates an unprecedented width of sound to involve layers of genre in a truly avant-garde encounter. The outcome is an endless mix of possibilities, the complexity of prog with the intelligence of jazz, the wistful workings of indie with a textured metal rising. The soaring operatic vocals of Beth Cannon can silence any venue into awe.
The band want to be involved in every moment of artistry, which contributes to their beautifully complex lovechild. Enjoying the creative freedom of remaining as a DIY band Written in Waters work closely with photographer, Nima Elm, artist/graphic designer
Mihai Badic and IRIE PIXEL visuals, to hone what they believe to be the inextricably connected worlds of art and music.