Without Letters
LT Vilnius – Instrumental / Tech Trance / Electronic / Kraut Rock / Harddance
Without Letters


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Self-titled EP 2014
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Awake/Asleep Single 2011
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Shelter Gone Single 2011
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Ausgeträumt Single 2010
Without Letters
327f165c77b1de14861f5bba9a3d9b36f626763f Self-titled Single 2015
E0b5227de652fa0bddf963252bd809bea6f6d356 Shelter Gone Single 2011
C7b66afda6655c06bff8882820bfcf517630680a Awake/Asleep Single 2011
Partyzanai Pop Records
89e9610695d4583032c64896ea2743c0448e4f68 Unfollow Remixes Single 2017
4a8d8c90386f232a8603c84e3f3612bf034c3bde Unfollow Single 2016
Partyzanai Pop
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Unfollow EP 2016
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Press Text
WITHOUT LETTERS is an experimental Lithuanian band, exploring the landscape of off-kilter electronic, dance and guitar music.

Over the years of brave experimentation the band has delved into a variety musical genres from Noise-Rock, Krautrock to Footwork, Trance and Hard Techno. By filtering out what is the most sincere and engaging in their creative process, they have since rediscovered archives of early clubbing music, its social values and sound aesthetics. That provided fissures for getting around the notion of guitar as once rebellious, now obsolete instrument, its raw immediacy more potent now than ever.

WITHOUT LETTERS’ most recent material is inspired by the increasingly nebulous, anxious feeling of the present. Trance inducing rhythmical structures and the sharp guitar outbursts invoke krautrock inspired blissful harmonies without offering an escape to a time and place that has passed or never even existed. Dark, frantic pace underlies WITHOUT LETTERS live set, with clear intent to cut through the hierarchy of stage and audience, to melt all that into a playful, potentially ecstatic co-participation.

New album ‘Abundance Supreme’ will be released in late Spring, 2019.

“This youthful outfit promise to be a captivating live act as they combine their techno influences with a sound that recalls ‘70s Kraut acts like Neu! and Harmonia, pulling that sound to a very modern place ripe for discovery.”— The Line of Best fit. Great Escape, 2016

“Add a touch of philosophy (these guys can spend five minutes explaining the symbolism of each song title), and you’ll get something that’s difficult to pigeonhole, yet easy to get intrigued by.”— Europavox, 2017