Where Fires Are
GB Leeds – Alternative Rock / Alternative / Ambient / Pop / Rock
Where Fires Are


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder ‘The Orange E.P' EP 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder ‘Through the trees'' EP 2014
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"The music is simultaneously intense, intricate and contemplative.

A Molotov Cocktail of melody, rhythm and riffs all glued together by a stirring atmosphere."

Ash, James, Matt, Nick and Robbie first met back in 2010 at Leeds College of Music. By 2013, various other bands and solo projects had been and gone. Whilst on a night out on Leeds' own Call Lane - celebrating graduation - all five realised they were free to begin their next musical endeavour... and with a knocking together of beer bottles and a few handshakes, Where Fires Are was born.

The group put an emphasis on creating expressive music whilst avoiding self-indulgence. Thought-out, occasionally ambiguous lyrics (allowing the listener to interpret as they like) tend to cover grand themes such as life and death, love and hate, politics, spiritualism and faith (in the basic sense of the word).


'Explosive, intricate Alt Rock.'
- Q Magazine

‘Their huge sound is stadium-bound - driving, finely crafted guitar anthems... angular riffs, soaring vocals. Where Fires Are boast an authentic vibe that they deliver with acute pride.’
- Bang The Drum Magazine

'The group are volcanic and could easily fire up huge stadiums through their untameable energy... a must see band.'
- Sounds of an Eccentric

'They have great (really great) songs and a performance level to surpass anything currently on the tour circuit.'
- The Indie Project

'Music that is full of energy while carrying a high emotional and hard-hitting message.'
- Beat2aChord

'...a more polished, frenetically-driven brand of alt rock; their incendiary live shows serving to bolster an arsenal of already anthemic proportions.'
- Scruff of the Neck

‘...an absolutely seminal, blistering set and ‘Kill My Mind’ is a cracking tune.’
- Virtual Festival