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Weesp - Who we are. New rock music. Alternative rock and Post metal video.
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4c2ac2c0e18cf1abec17ccab522183e715a15569 Black Sails Album 2018
5c6ae3e747ed06124448f6018536e9ba41606edb Who We Are Single 2018
D3d53182961d1de54009d098fc016240b9ed8bb7 Not Over Single 2018
Adba98642b83d7cca267e07aed4e2b11b79a0c97 Illumination Single 2017
Ba448b8e9ef1515b4c6a105d4ddd14d62d1b1838 The Void Album 2015
1b4248d2e8f43f8fca1221d29d7c025e7e715204 Murderers Single 2015
8a580c168d3f334703bb4f7371c5bc307feda133 Solar Empire Single 2015
5469737c5f96885328e791af65e336d9fb1a1d58 Caves (Unplugged) Single 2013
2d6c043a4480e9ae11d0ba370564fbaa0cf6a940 Our Own Gale Single 2011
Dd02c2911d4bbd27610e128e5e3345c0969eca95 Taste of Steel - EP Single 2009
9184986c1801666546357479321b8b3b5c3d5b44 Exodus: Origins Single 2009
80e58301dd3aa14f8edb0775ba6587343ad1692f 2008 EP, Vol. 1 Single 2008
Zeppelin Records
9e4cbc898a90e442b38bf9421884da8ea1cdc775 This Will Destroy Us Single 2014
No Agency
Zeppelin Records\Self Published
Dmitry Budko
Zeppelin Records\Self Published
Dmitry Budko
Press Text
Weesp plays progressive atmospheric alternative post metal with a lot of analog synth and clean vocals.

Weesp are standing against the dictation of society’s conservative values. The band’s music is about finding one’s own path, it’s about hard choices, dreams and passion, about being different.

Weesp formed in the middle of 00s in Minsk, Belarus and in 2009 released the first record of the band - ‘Taste of Steel’ EP.

Weesp performed at numerous concerts and festivals, including those in Baltic countries, all over CIS, Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. The band also released a few singles and EPs during that period.

In 2015 the band released their first long play album ‘The Void’, recorded by Wieslawski brothers at Hertz Records (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader). The album features 13 songs, two of which were done in collaboration with Cory Brandan from Norma Jean. Band kept touring across Europe.

The band has released the ‘illumination’ single at the end of 2017, together with the official video, and announced the second LP album name ‘Black Sails’. The band community noticed significant change of style and sound of the band.

April 5 2018 ‘Black Sails’ album has been released. It consists of 9 songs. After the release Weesp got a lot of positive reviews and feedback.

Weesp anounced to release an acoustic album in 2019 as well as additional singles and EP's and release third full LP in 2020