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New album : Inner Island Issued : april 14th 2014 – N a ï v e Armel Dupas (Keys) and Corentin Rio (drums) are two friends.

They met in 2008 in Paris and in 2013 decided to form the WaterBabies duet to take part of the RéZZo Focal Jazz à Vienne competition they won in july of the same year.
Thier music can be described as indy electro jazz, the voice is there present in various forms, choirs, lead, vocoder and machines give this duet an original sound. After an intensive time period of work in a studio in Belleville, they recorded Inner Island at Studio du Flon in Lausanne, birthplace of Erik Truffaz late 90's success.
Both compositions and work methods are inspired by pop music and make of WaterBabies a fine blend between current new-yorker jazz scene and indy electro-pop music. Their album Inner Island that will come out in april, issued by N a ï v e records, is simultaneuously modern and accessible, their friendship both in life and on stage being one of the key elements of that young group.

Biographies :

Corentin Rio starts playing drums at the age of 12, by himself. He then follows lessons with a few professors and is introduced to jazz music at 17 through them. He enters the Saint Brieuc's conservatory in Jean-Philippe Lavergne's class alongside whom he studied during two years before being accepted inParis conservatory. In 2010, he obtains Jazz degree. He studies drums with Joe Quitzke, and extends his knowledge by studying musical analysis and harmony, and finally ends his formation with orchestration degree in Alain Louvier's class at first, then with Anthony Girard. Alongside his conservatory formation, Corenitn Rio bounds, after a trip to New-York, and establishes a priviledged relationship with the new upcoming jazz drummers such as Eric Harland, Marcus Gilmore, Justin Brown or Jochen Rueckert, with whom he studies on a regular basis during their trip to Paris.You can now hear regurarly in parisian jazz clubs, especially in Vincent Verger's quintet.
Armel Dupas is born in Nantes in musician familly where jazz is predominant. Two decisive encounters, Jean-Marie Bellec and Yannick Neveu, will lead him afterwards to the idea of becoming a musician. In 2005, Armel enters the jazz course of the National Superior Conservatory of Music of Paris and takes part on the side of many musical projects. He'll meet on the way his peers such as David Linx, Emmanuel Bex, Henri Texier or Stéphane Belmondo, and performs in clubs, concert venues and festivals like the New Morning, the Duc des Lombards, la Cigale, the Olympia, The Lincoln Center (New York), the Music Village (Brussels), the Glenn Miller Café (Stockholm), Jazz in Marciac... he's a laureate of Montreux Jazz Festival jazz piano competition, wins the Crest Jazz Festival competition and twice the Sunside Trophy. We may have noticed him as a piano player / arranger alongside with Chloé Cailleton, Lisa Cat-Berro, Georges Paczynski, Cécilia Bertolini, Valéry Haumont, Laura Mayne... He worked for cinema with directors Christophe Honoré, Arnaud Desplechin, Olivier Jahan and most recently for Michel Gondry. He's currently taking part of three groups, the Sandra Nkaké's Nothing for Granted album tour. He just co-realized an album with singer Sofie Sörman and plays in violin player Fiona Mombet's quartet. Since this spring, Armel is playing in Henri Texier's new project.