Wanda & Nova deViator
SI Ljubljana – Solo / Dubstep / Breakbeat / Bass Music / Alternative Funk
Wanda & Nova deViator


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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder ARP 339 Album 2015
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Wanda & Nova deViator are an electro-funk duo from Ljubljana, Slovenia, creating bold hybrids through beats, noise, video and performance.

The collaboration between an electronic musician and a contemporary dance performer and choreographer takes influences from breakbeat, trip-hop, dub, idm, electro, noise and other bass genres while with each project researching new sonic and performative stage languages.

"[T]he sound and the way the songs are developed is impressive, resounding with (off)club electronics, starting with downtempo, breakbeat, IDM, electro pop, and electro house. But this is no nostalgic revival of past musics. Album Pacification brings their lessons to life in a reworked, modernized form and at least a part of the songs can be easily put on an equal footing with current world trends. [...] The music sets the mood throughout, mostly it is pure dance music, rhythmically aggressive and perversely obscene, at times escapist cold, alienated, but always in harmony with the texts which round off the contrasting image of songs, making a sound-wise manifold whole. We are used to seeing contemporary electronic music finding itself trapped in formulas and it's not unusual to find on albums two or three properly done songs and ten others made only to repeat the recipe that succeeded. In contrast, Wanda & Nova deViator imprint a special character to each of the twelve songs, what's more, with their immediate appeal, the songs stay in the memory already on the first hearing." -- Goran Kompoš on Debut album "Pacification"