Walk The Abyss

Live Act Death Metal Hardcore Progressive Metal Djent
Walk The Abyss - Death Metal Hardcore Progressive Metal Djent Live Act in Bucharest

Walk The Abyss Short Info

WALK THE ABYSS stands for the journey of the sound coming from the two eight string guitars, intertwined with the metallic bass which gives contour to the jagged rythms coming from the abyss. With active members in projects like : First Division, Chaos Cult and Days Before Disappearance, the band stands at the crossroads between Deathcore / Djent / Heavy Hardcore / Progressive Metal

Past Gigs Walk The Abyss

  • 02 | 2015 Bucharest Saturday February 28th @ Question Mark | Bewized [GR] | Walk The Abyss [RO] | Epileptic Outbreak [RO]
  • 12 | 2014 Bucharest Ropeburn [RO] | Overdawn [BG] | Redound [BG] | Walk The Abyss - Lansare Album | Afterparty /w Andrei Vladila

Discography Walk The Abyss

  • 2014 The Disclosure Between Surface And Self Album | Self-Released


  • Video Walk The Abyss - The Unknow...


  • Bucharest RO


  • 2011


  • Dan Marica drums
  • Luchian Brodeala guitar player
  • Ciprian Barbu guitar player
  • Dragos Schipor bass player
  • Cristian Nicolae vocals
  • Andrei Vladila vocals

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