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Waitress - Alternative Pop Rock Live Act in Copenhagen

Waitress Short Info

Waitress is a new pop-trio out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Half swedish, half danish they are as scandiavian hip as possible. Waitress consists of 3 heavy-weighters from the danish indie-scene: Aske Bode (producer for Hymns From Nineveh, The Eclectic Moniker etc.), Andreas Brixen (Bodebrixen, Hymns From Nineveh, Freja Loeb) and John De Lira (Lars And The Hands Of Light, Kala-OK). The music is gritty and pumping pop music.

Discography Waitress

  • 2014 Young In Mind Single | Antiphonics
  • 2014 Against It Single | Antiphonics


  • Sound Waitress - Young In Mind
  • Sound Waitress - Against It
  • Video Waitress - Young In Mind

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  • 2014


  • John de Lira Vocal, Guitar etc.
  • Aske Bode Keyboards etc.
  • Andreas Brixen Drums etc.