Live Act Pop Funk Rock ’n’ Roll electropop
Victors - Pop Funk Rock ’n’ Roll electropop Live Act in wakefield

Victors Short Info

Hello we are a 4 piece pop rock band from Leeds. We have currently just played a gig which was featured on Tv (Made in Leeds channel) our next gig is in the O2 in London this month supporting the pierce brothers all the way from Australia who have just been signed by Sony. In our shows we are lively and energetic with catchy songs which audiences love. We hope to come over and give everyone a good show. We have recently been in contact with double denim productions regarding management and hoping to be working with them in the upcoming months.

Past Gigs Victors

  • 05 | 2015 wakefield alive and gigging(Made in Leeds tv)
  • 05 | 2015 London O2 Pierce brothers live victors support


  • Sound Victors - Stay With Me
  • Sound Breathe
  • Sound One More Life


  • wakefield GB


  • 2014


  • Harry Waterhouse Lead vocal/Rhythm guitar
  • Simon Appleson Lead Guitar/synthesizer
  • Dominic Brooks Bass guitar
  • Alex Hobson Drums