VaudeVille Vagabonds

Live Act Alternative
VaudeVille Vagabonds - Alternative Live Act in Vancouver

VaudeVille Vagabonds Short Info
Heathens & Creatures, Vagrants and Vagabonds, Seekers of the Spectacular and Questers of the Quasi-Sane!
There is... at this moment within your reach....
A musical & theatrical cabaret extravaganza!
Enmeshed within the themes of old carnivale, Neo-Victorian & Stageshow Madness!
We unleash for your entertainment and gawking spectacularity!....
Reverend Heathen StrangeFellow and the VaudeVille Vagabonds


  • VaudeVille Vagabonds has no media connected.


  • Vancouver CA


  • 2009


  • Heathen StrangeFellow Vocals, Ringmaster, Electronics
  • Lavanderia Lamour Vocals x
  • Sub-Wub Gator-Crab Bass
  • Harry VonBeast Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
  • Salmon Avalanche Accordion, Mini Piano
  • Clownan the Thumparian Drums