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Uberkid - Alternative Live Act in Berlin

Uberkid Short Info

We are Uberkid.

Uberkid from Berlin and Hannover introduced their debut album in 2010. „They hate us in New York“ sounds authentic, cheeky and fresh and it doesn´t have to dread any comparison with Scandinavian or American representatives of the scene. Micha (bass), Matthis (guitar), Florian (vocals), Christian (guitar) and Jens (drums) present 12 Indie pearls somewhere between fingerboard and cheap techno, always catchy, extremely danceable and above all: refreshing and independent.

Discography Uberkid

  • 2010 They hate us in New York Album | STF Records


  • Sound Yes Yes Yes
  • Sound Heartbreak Karaoke
  • Sound Grafton Street
  • Video Uberkid live at Rockhal (2012)


  • Berlin DE


  • 1996


  • Florian Vocals
  • Jens Drums
  • Kritt Guitar
  • Matthis Guitar
  • Micha Bass