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From Here to Eternity: A brief history of the Trancewatermelonman.

Them old shoes, they don't run anymore, even the flair of your socks tells you: reboot, get your act together NOW.

The Trancewatermelonman consists of four parts: The miniverse, the microverse, the perverse and a hallway that connects them all. This is the only way to create the distinctive and highly individual musical melange that makes the sound of the Trancewatermelonman so unique and unmistakable: The Punk, which guarantees volume and speed, connects to The Blues, screaming loudly and stunned, falling into the blackest holes, connects to The Kraut, which gives the whole mixture the right depth and weight, connects to The Pop, which
crawls out of the fills breaking quickly and vanishing even quicker, so that you might not even notice it because in the next moment it's all over again ... washed away by a huge Psychedelic Tidal Wave. Wooden instruments. Boneheads. A new brew. In the distance you can weakly hear wild chants – the oath of the Trancewatermelonman: Rock will never die. “Lass es uns tun bis ans Ende der Zeit.“

Timo Dettmann – Guitar
Matthias Kremp – Bass
Ole Hoffmann – Drums
Christoph Jahns – Vocals, Guitar

Founded a long long time ago. Built to last a long long time.