Tomas Peralta Trio

Live Act Jazz Avantgarde Jazz Crossover
Tomas Peralta Trio - Jazz Avantgarde Jazz Crossover Live Act in Berlin

Tomas Peralta Trio Short Info

After years of writing, thinking, awaiting and looking and not finding, suddenly i run into two wonderful musicians who conceive and hear music in the same way i do. Thanks to these new constellation i can put into sound what it was in my head, and with their musical input we achieve a unique and sound which is not only jazz but extends to the borders of many other genres. Our music does not have strict structures but it doesn't rely on absolutely free improvisation. Our music is based on simple melodies and dialog.

Past Gigs Tomas Peralta Trio

  • 12 | 2014 Sowieso/ Berlin Tomas Peralta Trio


  • Sound Images Of The Archipielago
  • Sound Amarilli
  • Sound A Song


  • Berlin DE


  • 2014


  • Giacomo Cantarini Guitar
  • Florian Albiez Drums