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Thulium - Rock Live Act in London

Thulium Short Info

Thulium is:
- the chemical element with the atomic number 69.
- with 5 members from 5 different nationalities, one of the most exciting Rock band from London, UK.

More information available about discography, past gigs, followers, reviews, quotes, gigs pictures, gigs feedback, etc...available all over internet, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and
We already established a strong connection with London promoters and are often asked to come back to venues we played at. We can be contacted by email.


  • Video Thulium - Tomorrow Comes Today
  • Video Thulium - Sixty Nine
  • Video Thulium - Craving
  • Video Thulium - For Real [HD]


  • London GB


  • 2009


  • 'Boubou' (France) Lead vocals
  • Rob (England) Drums
  • Leon (Brazil) Guitar
  • Jock (South Africa) Bass
  • Crush (Spain) Guitar