This Memory

Live Act Heavy Metal
This Memory - Heavy Metal Live Act in Birmingham

This Memory Short Info

Formed in November 2013

This Memory are a Birmingham UK based Metalcore/ hardcore band
With their renowned energetic live performances and their sheer determination to succeed This Memory are making dent in the huge UK metal scene and have supported bands such as such as "Oceans Ate Alaska"

The band have also have Richard Lardner the vocalist of the band "Lock & Key" featuring on the bands single "Return To Sender" and are now under the management of UAC Management.

Come 2015 the band are releasing their highly anticipated debut EP "Submersion" and also playing even more shows around the UK and Europe


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  • Birmingham GB


  • 2013


  • Ciaran Bolton Vocalist
  • Mat Coffery Guitarist/ Vocals
  • Joseph Blakeman Guitarist
  • Leighton Forskett Bassist
  • Joe Galkowski Drummer