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ThePARADE - Britpop Live Act in London

ThePARADE Short Info

"Like watching The Manson Family if blood and murder had been replaced with something creatively inclined" - NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND

"A cacophony of apocalyptic indie-folk pounding, way cooler than four blokes hiding behind fringes" - THE SOUND OF CONFUSION

"Taking the best of the old and innovations of the new and smashing them together in what is already a great success" - ARTROCKER

Limited Edition 7" Single Available 27th October 2014 on Too Pure Singles Club. Available from Rough Trade, Sister Ray and other great indie stores.

Past Gigs ThePARADE

  • 11 | 2014 London/Camden Nightmare Festival - Hawley Arms


  • Video ThePARADE / Connector


  • London GB


  • 2013