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Mona Lisa (the song) - theAngelcy

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theAngelcy under exclusive license to NaNa Disc
77eb7c17cafe55030791599401d3f803c30b46c1 Breakdown Single 2018
4c4e6bc5cc4e207cc0fc297ace25ce554ffa8109 Nodyssey Album 2018
TheAngelcy/Ulysse Maison d’Artistes
8f09b873423180004189d1c288eedad2a4974909 I Worry Single 2019
5537a0320ceeccb81de6f49a7953d566d7b94b33 Mona Lisa Single 2019
Rotem Bar Or
A7686095d169b807c544c5ae766fa682b02d8830 Cry on Our Shoulders Single 2015
S-Curve Records
C77cfe8bc2092b437863eae5a4d1f92e75e0af50 My Baby Boy Single 2015
D7b6679ab8e03a134cf61363e7611c8dede71260 Exit Inside Album 2014
Rotem Bar Or Ltd.
76061f4f6b8b13eec63c7b42f60abb6851a10aa5 Exit Inside (Deluxe Edition) Album 2016
konzertbüro schoneberg
Ingo Beckmann
Asaf Gover
Asaf Gover
Ulysse Productions, Maison d'Artistes
Sylvain Lacombe
Press Text
The Angelcy (which they prefer spelling “theAngelcy”), was first a song cycle, a lyrical and musical universe by the then homeless and completely unknown singer-songwriter Rotem Bar Or.

The songs were influenced by early blues, hippie music (songs you can hear in hippie
gatherings, around the fire), roots reggae and roots music from other places in the world,
coupled with some esoteric, relatively unknown musicians and writers (“Me We a New Religion”
and “Sons of Noel and Adrian” among others). Strong emphasis is put on lyrics, exploring great
universal fears and hopes via very personal statements.

During 2011, a group of musicians gathered around Bar Or, to set up the band known as
theAngelcy. The band consists of six members (two of them left and were replaced during the
past six intensive years) playing the Viola, Clarinet, Drums (two drummers on one drumkit,
unconventionally playing standing up) and Double bass, to Accompany Bar Or’s guitar. All band
members sing, and are all multi instrumentalists. The band arranges all the songs together, and
are very much into investigating group work.

In the spring of 2015 band's first album ("Exit Inside") was released worldwide by Jive Epic
France (a Sony label), and the band continued to extensively tour Europe and Israel.

In 2018 the band celebrated the release of its second studio album, "Nodyssey" with a sold-out concert in Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv, with 2000 dedicated fans in the audience, already singing along songs from the new-born album. The release was followed by a European tour of 22 concerts in Germany in France, continuing the band's deepening relationship with fans in these territories.

In 2019, the band will continue to tour and promote their new album, with the intention of
opening new territories in Europe (Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Spain,
Portugal, etc.) as well as reaching new destinations in America, Asia and Australia.