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The Fish Factory
Ab67616d0000b2736199555803cb73f213178c1d Say Goodbye Single 2019
955f913ba4682621f64826e77d9e5586791638a0 King Ocelot Album 2019
Ab67616d0000b2734241841f394ab8f4d3fb3eaf No Digas Adiós Single 2012
Ab67616d0000b2737da4090d4cb09f753bec2570 Back Album 2011
Soundarella Records
Ab67616d0000b273e97d6645591bd9e076a55516 Heading for the Surface Album 2014
The Fish Factory
José Manuel Fernández
Press Text
The Val is a rock band founded in Madrid in 2010 by the producer and guitarist Alfonso Samos and vocalist Gabrielle de Val, which had its roots in a previous band they had years ago, called D'Val.

The result was their first album, "Back", a title that refers to the return of the band after years of separation. The album was released in 2011 on CD and also as a double LP (vinyl).

The next step was to include more musicians in the band, so at this point Alex Morell joined the line-up as bassist in order to start the concert tour in Spain. "Back" was officially unveiled in Madrid on December 2011 and was soon released worldwide. Their first official video, "The Age of the Sun" had a big impact and was included in major music television channels in Spain (RTVE-2, KISS TV, Telemadrid, etc..) and Germany (IMusic1, MuzuTv, etc.), radios around the world and top magazines such as Classic Rock AOR (which included the song on their CD), Powerplay, Classic Rock Society, Fireworks Magazine, la Heavy, This is Rock, Nachtaktiv or Cambio 16 among others.

From then on, many concerts took place in the most famous music venues in Madrid as well as in one of the most important musical events, the Rock & Roll Marathon (Madrid). The tour continued in other cities in Spain like Barcelona, Girona, Seville and Salamanca, with very positive reviews from the media.

In Summer 2013 the band went on tour in the UK (London, Bolton, Ilfracombe, Torquay, Wakefield, Wales and Sheffield) getting an excellent review on Classic Rock Magazine, which helped the band a lot to get known internationally.

After some collaborations such as the recording of "Break my Heart" with the German band Subway, the recording of the song "Falling Star" with David Saylor (included in his album "Strength of One") and several concerts with Robert Tepper (Rocky IV soundtrack), Gabrielle and Alfonso began writing songs for a new album : "Heading for the Surface". This new record was released in November 2014 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign with a great support from the fans of the band. The single for the official video of the album was "Crusaders" and the live performance took place in December 2014 at the Sala Arena in Madrid.

"Heading for the Surface" was released on CD and vinyl and peaked at number 17 in the sales ranking of imported albums in Japan published by the prestigious magazine BURRN! It gained recognition from the national and international press and was included in the book "AOR World- A Journey through the History of Melodic Rock in 200 Records".

Among the many concerts offered in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, it is worth highlighting the band's participation in the “Concert Against Child Hunger” (2016) in Madrid - Sala Cats- with many top bands and artists like Ramoncín, Topo, Sherpa, Rafa Martín and Atlas, among others.

The Val signed their record-deal with The Fish Factory recently and in October 2019, they’re releasing their third album, “King Ocelot”, after having presented the new record with a limited edition 7" vinyl that anticipated the arrival of the full album. This album includes 14 tracks in The Val's already characteristic style, with Progressive, Melodic and Hard Rock influences. 

Line-up 2019:

Gabrielle de Val, vocals
Alfonso Samos, guitars, production
Alex Morell, bass guitar
Rubén Berengena, drums
Tony Ortega, keyboards