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DE Hamburg – Rockabilly / Alternative / Rock / Garage Rock / Surf
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Kamikaze Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Live At Johnson Space Center Album 2011
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Back To The Moon ...In 2022 Album 2011
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder We Are Go! Album 2005
String ‎– LP SR 200015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Space Act Album 2000
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THE SPLASHDOWNS THE SPLASHDOWNS - eine musikgewordene Hommage an das NASA Bodenpersonal der Apollo Missionen – nimmt Euch mit mitreißendem Modernist Instro Surf und Fuzzguitar Rock‘n‘Roll, raffiniert gespickt mit Original-NASA-Soundschnippseln und spannenden Raumfahrt-Visuals auf eine Reise zum Mond.

Dringt gemeinsam mit THE SPLASHDOWNS auf ihrem neuem Flugplan und dem brandneuen, fünften Album „Rocket Tales“ (Release 2017 bei Double Crown Records / USA) kühn dorthin vor, wo noch nie eine Surfrock-Band zuvor gewesen ist.


Surf Rock / Garage Rock band with optional space/NASA related visuals for beamer + screen.

See for a first impression of the kinds of visuals we can bring along.

(Hamburg, Germany)
„I am, and ever will be, a white socks, pocket protector, nerdy engineer.“
Neil Armstrong.

When The Splashdowns are not devising missions to the moon, inventing fantastic new technology or meddling with forces they couldn’t possibly understand, they can be found standing on a stage somewhere in front of an ecstatic audience grinding axes and thumping tubs.

Formed in 1999, The Splashdowns is a unique musical tribute to NASA’s ground staff during the era of the Apollo missions. The four-piece instro-combo, based in Hamburg, Germany has its musical roots planted firmly in the 60’s surf-garage sound spiced up with a potent dose of rock & roll.

A strategic use of drums, bass and twin lead guitars combined with a finely balanced thrust-to-weight ratio of The Ventures, The Tornados and Throbbing Gristle produces dangerous pogo-oscillations in every crowd.

The set consists of 100% original compositions ranging from exciting high-octane numbers to masterful atmospheric anthems. The band’s music has been featured in film and television and each of the 4 commercial releases has been supported by tours throughout Germany and beyond. After a partial hiatus last year, the band is back in 2016 with a fantastic new bass player and yet another genre-defining album.


Dr Leif Joergensen – Lead Guitar

Dr Hercule Lintosswanksen – Drums & Percussion

Dr Aleksi Korhonensen – Bass Guitar


“The Space Act” – 2000 (String Records/ Kamikaze)

“We Are Go” – 2005 (Elbtonal)

“Back To The Moon …In 2022”- 2011 (The Splashdowns/ Kamikaze)

“Live At The Johnson Space Center” – 2012 (Kamikaze)

New Album: "Rocket Tunes" – 2016


“St. Pauli Ein Hundert” – 2010 (Compilation)

“Der Baader-Meinhof Komplex” – 2010 (Soundtrack Album)

“Dynamite #27” – 2011 (Compilation)

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2001 06/07/08 Ox-Fanzine #43 Release of ‚The Spaceact‘

20030303 ‚Local News Review of gig in Café Trauma

2008 SPEX Magazin Release of ‚The Space Act‘

2011 Reverb Central Review of ‚Back To The Moon … In 2022‘ – ‚An excellent album‘

2011 Rolling Stone Release of ‚Back To The Moon … In 2022‘

2011 04/05 Ox-Fanzine #95 Release of ‚Back To The Moon … In 2022‘

2011 tools4music Interview with The Splashdowns

20120305 Gig Info The Splashdowns in Molotov / Hamburg


The Splashdowns @ Kamikaze Records:

Details of LP ‚Back To The Moon …In 2022‘ @ Kamikaze Records:

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