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Slowing Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Quantum Porn Album 2017
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Unbegotten EP 2016
Acid Cobra Records
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Moda Borderline Album 2010
Solaris Empire / Acid Cobra
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Sophia Verloren Album 2012
Acid Cobra Digital
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Live in Berlin Album 2011
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Berlin-based THE SOMNAMBULIST gathered around Italian expat Marco Bianciardi in 2009.

Since then, the musical trio has released two LPs – “Moda Borderline” (2010) and “Sophia Verloren” (2012) – and is now introducing its next stroke of genius: “Quantum Porn”.
For the band’s current line-up mastermind Bianciardi has joined creative forces with Thomas Kolarczyk on electric and double bass and Valentin Schuster on drums (previously provided by Luca Andriola for the album recordings in 2015). Still, collaborations with other musicians from the Berlin indie, experimental and jazz scene are common.
Besides their own musical universe, THE SOMNAMBULIST earned international reputation for composing the original live soundtrack for the German silent movie “Berlin – Sinfonie der Großstadt” (Walter Ruttmann, 1927), which they performed in movie theaters all across Europe: this performance won the 2014 Rimusicazioni Film Festival Award in Bolzano, Italy.

This year will see the release of THE SOMNAMBULIST’s new album “Quantum Porn”. Quantum Porn?! Yes, you have understood perfectly well. Marco Bianciardi admits that the idea behind such a title might be a little hard to grasp. Is it about some weird trend from the future, an absurd kind of hi-tech pornography or even the sex life of the particle physicians at CERN? First and foremost, “Quantum Porn” mirrors the band’s interest in the questions of fundamental physics, the ultimate nature of reality and the limits of human understanding – up to a point when the contemplation of existence makes your body tremble, leaves you in an even physically experienced awe.
It is this awe that is acted out during 70 minutes of “Quantum Porn”. The 16 new tracks seem to twist and turn across extra dimensions of space and time: at one moment, they expand into vast spheres of sound, just to shrink up to a single, nearly invisible dot at the next.
THE SOMNAMBULIST seem to have translated all that particle mess around and inside us into a luscious field recording from out of space, literally sucking the vacuum fluctations right out of your ear canals. But, as Bianciardi doesn’t get tired to emphasize: “Our audience is required to be an active part in the decryption of these musical enigmas.”
Like in a quantum superposition of states, THE SOMNAMBULIST’s music can be both spiritual and trivial, as well as hot-blooded and intellectual. The band opens up to a wide landscape of sound where past, present and future of rock and pop coexist: from Goth to Afrobeat, from Psychedelic to Jazz, from Punk to Progressive.
If the lost wanderer in orbit still needs some more traditional points of reference: the visceral blues of Tom Waits and Nick Cave is paired with the elegance and profundity of Radiohead and Tool, while being nourished with the weird and ambiguous moods of David Bowie and Talking Heads. Oh, and the ghost of Frank Zappa might be haunting some the THE SOMNAMBULIST’s musical galaxies, too. Welcome to that sensual journey!