The Roulette

Live Act Progressive Rock Rock Psychedelic Improvisation Heavy Pop
The Roulette - Progressive Rock Rock Psychedelic Improvisation Heavy Pop Live Act in Selfoss

The Roulette Short Info

Somewhere between El Paso and Reykjavik there's a dusty abandoned hotel
resting in the summer sunlight. The electric lights are flickering above
the desert sand, and a sound is heard coming through the old speakers by
an empty pool.
The Roulette is screaming at the desert sky, and it all began in 2013.
Teitur and Skúli were itching to create something new... and it's headed
this way.
Rich landscapes present from the great ATDI and Mars Volta; the ubiquitous
roar from Texas can be heard carving through the walls of The Roulette.
As of 2015 the band is recording their debut album.

Discography The Roulette

  • 2016 Solipsism EP EP | N/A


  • Video The Roulette - Little Darling
  • Sound Regrets

Fan Radar

245 Plays


  • Selfoss IS


  • 2013


  • Gunnar Guðni Harðarson Singer
  • Teitur Magnússon guitar
  • Ævar Örn Sigurðsson bass
  • Skúli Gíslason Drums