The Puzzlers

Live Act Post-Punk
The Puzzlers - Post-Punk Live Act in GLASGOW

The Puzzlers Short Info

Cover your eyes and open your ears......we are The Puzzlers !!

"Right now someone has their finger hovering over a button ready to commit to buying an overpriced ticket to see an autotuned manufactured star, or an act whose current existence relies on playing hits from a few decades ago, and right here are The Puzzlers who would blow them away for a fraction of the cost...." - New Hellfire Club Glasgow

Past Gigs The Puzzlers

  • 04 | 2016 East Kilbride, Scotland Punk Rock Festival


  • Video The Puzzlers - Idiot
  • Video The Puzzlers - Pandora's Box
  • Video The Puzzlers - Take It Like...




  • 2011


  • Jim Dorman Vocals and Guitar
  • Jim McKellan Vocals and Guitar
  • Andy Morrison Bass and Vocals
  • Gordon Tosh Drums and Pecussion