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El Hombre Bala
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Botón elemental Album 2011
El Susto
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Moustache wasn´t there Album 2014
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The Moustache shakes up the usual tired musical formulas with calculated movements that inevitably lead to uncontrollable ass shaking.

Ultra-rhythmic guitars blend with colorful, tropical instrumentation and a peculiar use of timeless dancefloor electronics. This combination crystallizes in a hectic live show in which one can experience the miracle of two guys sounding like a six-piece band.

After four years of experimenting with various lineups and bases of operation, The Moustache established itself as a duo in Berlin. This illustrious group has participated in the Collection Madrid Terminal (Subterfuge, 2005), also in Ich bin ein Berliner (Pale Music / Araknid, 2008) together with Bonaparte, Glamour to Kill and Steve Morell. In 2011 they released their debut album Botón Elemental (El Hombre Bala Records) : "An album with broad aesthetic intentions, dialing in at a higher level than the provocative electro-rock genre that spawned them” (Mondosonoro , 2011).

The Moustache’s self-produced animated video Momentary Dystonia has been selected for the VII Anima Festival (Córdoba, Argentina), Cinemad (Madrid), and XVIII International TV Festival (Bar, Montenegro).

The Moustache has recently released their second full-lenght album in collaboration with producers Guy Sternberg (King Khan and the Shrines, Junior Boys) and Simon Berkfinger (Philadelphia Grand Jury, Go Chic).