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the Isabelles - Garage Rock Punk Rock Fuzz Indie Live Act in Falmouth

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"There's a raw, full venom'd flavour.. Steeped in classic influences but racing for the future. The Isabelles find a risky but beautifully wild balance"
- DIY Magazine

"A blistering set from the Isabelles who blend '80s Indie with the rawness of punk and the ferocity of grunge. Fellow donyens of the so-called "Falmouth Sound", the Isabelles are a joy to behold"
- West Briton

Past Gigs the Isabelles

  • 02 | 2016 Roll for the Soul, Bristol
  • 02 | 2016 Birthdays, Dalston, London

Discography the Isabelles

  • 2016 Vivienne EP EP | Easy Action Records
  • 2015 Yours & Mine EP EP | Self Published


  • Video THE ISABELLES - Small Stone...

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