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The Higher Planes - Soul Folk Psych Live Act in London

The Higher Planes Short Info

The Higher Planes are a new old-fashioned 6-piece folk rock and soul group based in South London.

The sound is hard edged folk-soul overlaid with a multi-layered vocals. The songs are reflections and questions posed on just what to make of the upside-down era in which we find ourselves, and serve as a reminder that despite our modern affectations, not a lot has changed since man first put hand to string.

Big Tree Music (2016):
"In contrast to their catchy grooves, The Higher Planes populate their songs with imagery of lying politicians, downtrodden lovers and the occasional dose of psychedelic nihilism."

Past Gigs The Higher Planes

  • 10 | 2016 Joiners/Camberwell, London The Joiners Arms are throwing a Halloween party
  • 10 | 2016 Nambooka/London The Maida Vales, The Higher Planes, Call The Sun, Toffees
  • 12 | 2015 London Hootananny Brixton
  • 08 | 2015 Buith Wells, Wales Solarsphere Festival
  • 07 | 2015 Lubenham Lubstock Festival
  • 11 | 2014 London Cross The Stream / New Cross Inn
  • 08 | 2014 Bath Bath Folk Festival
  • 06 | 2014 Lubenham Lubstock Festival
  • 03 | 2014 Manchester Cosmosis Festival


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  • Sound World I Can Call My Own
  • Sound 25 Years
  • Sound The Sound Of Time Reversing
  • Sound Back Down The Ladder
  • Sound Hold On To The Lie


  • London GB


  • 2011


  • The Seakens Brothers Guitars & Vocals
  • Ginger Drage Drums
  • JJ Stillwell "The Triple Bass"
  • The Hail Marys the Oooh-la-las

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