The Flavians
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The Flavians


The Flavians - On the Radio live at Cassiopeia, Berlin

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The Flavians
Ab67616d0000b273a592f7cb55291902c13a956d Ace of Base Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273d588fbf885cf515b1fc28e1c Blinded by the Scenery Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b27384e2d3eae4446df3e3ccbab1 Better Than This Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273570aaf5f7ad809561af40384 Is It Real Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2734edec4e26a0a0569edeb74c0 The Flavians Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b27371e85a31c9e149cff7022e42 Father Fallacy Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b2733426d794390ae7f0845b3751 Ordinary People in an Ordinary World Album 2020
Ab67616d0000b273f065b2de5c4ae9ec89c73bc9 Silver Car Single 2019
Ab67616d0000b273c05f813f6f62f13204c1a748 Eloise Single 2019
The Flavians, distributed by Spinnup
Ab67616d0000b273a4c1b955322873b1b9036c43 On the Radio Single 2018
Ab67616d0000b273ab2e777c2795819b4c857dda Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted) Single 2018
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Anton Rangardt
The Flavians
Press Text
After sharing a bunk in one of Berlin’s numerous hostels for several weeks, Swedish Joakim Jägerhult (drums) and Liam Blomqvist (vocals & guitar) began to share ideas and develop what was soon to become their next project, The Flavians.

With the later addition of Czech Republic's Anna Vaverková (vocals & keys) and Thomas Wills (vocals & bass) from the UK, the band began to write together. Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Beatles, Grateful Dead, and The Beach Boys, they set out to join the warm, nostalgic sounds of the 60s with the frantic, hedonistic energy of Berlin.

With vocal harmonies from a blend of three diverse voices, psychedelic guitar textures and lyrics discussing themes such as destitution and alienation, they walk the tightrope between the surreal and the mundane while staying grounded and focused on writing accessible, melodic, yet experimental songs.

As expressed by Sleek Magazine, Germany: ‘After all of the hard drugs and partying (or for some of us, an early evening milchkaffee before a quick dance to someone spinning Ariel Pink at Schokoladen, followed by going straight to bed), we need some wistful & light folk-pop to soothe the things that paracetamol cannot.'

The band have been busy playing packed out shows in their adoptive hometown. The summer of 2019 the band started out by supporting Catfish and the Bottlemen at a sold out Huxley's Neue Welt in Berlin followed by two shows at Glastonbury Festival and four shows at Germanys renowned, Reeperbahn Festival which lead them to a German tour with British Ten Tonnes. The Flavians started 2020 by releasing their debut album Ordinary People in an Ordinary World on the 31st of January which they celebrated by playing yet another show with Catfish and the Bottlemen, this time at a sold out Live Music Hall in Cologne.