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The title soulband is worn out, yet there is no better way to describe a group, that touches the audience with such soul and passion outside the run-of-the-mill scene. Neosoul: soul-jazz-fusion-funk, songs from artists like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott is offered and delivered.

Original arrangements, eclectic, deep, emotional!

Convince yourself, that the superlative in the name is not just bold. The 12 musicians live up to it to the fullest!

Take the Deep Touch - Supersoul!


Born in Heilbronn Germany, raised in the US, Tansy fell in love with soul and funk music at a very early age. As she evolved, she also found her passion for jazz, which is what you can find her performing most of the time.
This soulful singer with her powerful, but at the same time sensitive emotional voice has the ability to feel and take in every ounce of the music surrounding her. This combination enables her to deliver all genres of music, authentically without losing her own style.

2009 she participated in the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival and 2011 went on a concert tour to South Africa.

Always having been an avid Neo Soul fan, she called a couple of friends and colleuges to get together and do a Neo Soul Projekt in 2011. They clicked right away, the concert was a huge success and 2012 the band “Tansy Davis´ Supersoul” was formed.

The 12 musicians live and breathe the music of neosoul artists like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. On stage they unleash a groove ridden firework of driving beats, accompanied by a tight horn section and riveting vocal harmonys that will entice your ears and get your body moving.