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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder TAM "Him/Her- Neither I, You, Me nor Love" Album 2015
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Into Beat/Tam Album 2010
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder TAM Album 2006
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder The Dead Soles/TAM Album 2008
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Signed in 2006 to Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace with one self-titled cd distributed internationally by Universal.

TAM's solo cd "Him/Her" -2015 can be heard on www.tam13.bandcamp.com
Initially rhythm guitarist in Django Reinhardt cover band Swing Dynamique in 1990,
led by Mike King , performing over 200 club dates mtl and Halifax Jazz festivals CBC recording, some management by Ivan of Men without Hats. Tam later fronted her own act THE VAMPIRES as singer/guitarist since 1998 with bassist Johnny Souranis of Go Van Gogh, Andy Flesh & Peter Boucher, ion or eloi Berltholet on drums. Thurston changed her band name to just TAM. TAM went to In The City Manchester, UK where she met Arthur Baker ( New Order re-mixes) & spent time in his studio. Later, back in Mtl, TAM played drums & did vocals/guitar & with Dave Wenger of Daddy's Hands during The Vampires' residency at punk bar Pasalamany.
Tam has played O'Sheaga fest, Pop Mtl fest, she opened for such acts as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds,David J. Haskins of Bauhaus, the Unicorns & Finland's The Cleaning Women. Tam toured solo in 2006 after being signed to Thurston Moore's label then got a publishing contract with Germany's Freibank. Tam released a solo cd in 2010 called "Into Beat" featuring TAM originals plus 5 Harry Howard covers.She produces all her own music videos.
TAM presently performs solo with vocals, guitar keyboard & drum machine tracks ( & projections ) has been expanding her solo repertoire to a more electronic drum sound & visual projections for some live performances. She is seeking management and a new label.

Mike King tragically committed suicide by hanging himself ( on Tam's birthday - April 13) in 2004..Peter & Dave also R.I.P. 2005