Tailor Hill Station
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Tailor Hill Station


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Tailor Hill Productions
Ab67616d0000b273263a28343a3cf519eb0f0ab2 On Wheels Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b2735d249bf7d111b5b140b10570 Coming Home (Radio Edit) Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b273a5715f8d45a2f5b4aeab1b03 Coming Home Single 2022
Ab67616d0000b273273fcf073c0ccd113d4967aa A Kid On The Street Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2734b8110a828153a7c8457ec6e I Don't Know Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273f3ecb6e05889b9e080677899 To The Beat Of Your Heart Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2738c81b55d0ddb1fe0eaca685d Ain't Leaving Town Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2734d53e702978f04e4d39e2900 You Are Not Here Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b273ffc6d808274d499c1e941b50 Angels Eyes Single 2021
Ab67616d0000b2735eeb75762ff3bde3124dca0c Free Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273403c2871d7ae07e81c2fea3d Leaving My Safe Zone Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b27373f1fcc288c84ed2a401f533 Fly Single 2020
Ab67616d0000b273c53a47904b62d7a79e119efe October Rain Single 2020
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Press Text
TAILOR HILL STATION - MUSICAL STORYTELLERS SINCE 2017 Tailor Hill Station was formed in 2017.

The band consists of a diverse set of musicians with very different backgrounds, giving the music a completely unique identity and sound.

Since 2017, Tailor Hill Station has written and produced songs for their storyteller series "Authentic Stories" and has since then released a number of singles and counting. The music represents a background of Americana tastefully spiced with elements of country and pop. The lyrics are inspired by their own life experiences and with their authenticity and genuineness, they go straight to the heart.

Some of the songs also feature exciting guest artists such as Nashvilles Doug Seegers, Göran Eriksson (Jill Johnsson, Peter Jöback, Uno Svenningsson and more) and Travis Toy (Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, Lionel Richie, Brad Paisley, Journey and more).
There are so many stories yet to tell and so many songs yet to write. May the book be endless ...