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Suzie Stapleton
De9473accdb229becddb9ac226e1465fc05a647e Negative Prophet Single 2018
A5a172bda046bb04cadeb3ae1b97059f43bcad6d You Were There Single 2017
E662735382c96e19c1245bcda76cbaa676b17e09 Yesterday's Town Single 2017
87c989fbca7b8cb6336e2b3f478171dd106932dc Obladi Diablo Single 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder We Are The Plague Album 2020
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Thylacine Single 2019
Beast Records (France)
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder Obladi Diablo EP 2012
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder 45 Revelations Per Minute EP 2009
Jostone Traffic
No Management
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“This is a lady that is simply too good to be ignored.

Suzie Stapleton is gonna be huge. You heard it here first...”
- Louder Than War

SUZIE STAPLETON is a Sydney-born alternative rock artist who honed her craft in Melbourne before relocating to the UK in 2015. She has built a loyal fanbase, captivating audiences with electric live performances using her midnight vocal to weave shards of poetry into guitar-driven noir soundscapes laced with intricate melodies.

Stapleton has released a string of singles over the past year gaining airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music and becoming a Fresh Fave on Tom Robinson’s Fresh On The Net. Stapleton has opened for artists such as Mark Lanegan, Mick Harvey, and Boss Hog and appeared at festivals including Liverpool Sound City, Camden Rocks Festival, Colours of Ostrava and Binic Folk Blues Festival.

Her live band includes Gavin Jay (Jim Jones Revue/The Righteous Mind) on bass and Jim Macaulay (The Stranglers) on drums. They debuted in London in January 2018 with Louder Than War touting it as “An unmissable opportunity to see one of the most exciting emerging talents on the London scene before she hits the big time”.

2017 saw Stapleton appear as a guest vocalist on no-wave icon Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove’s unlikely covers album “Under The Covers” (Rustblade Records). This is a continuation of Stapleton’s collaborations with Cypress Grove on The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project. She first cameoed on the project’s third album ‘Axels & Sockets’ (feat. Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Debbie Harry, Thurston Moore + others) which has lead to her working closely with Grove on the fourth album currently in production.

Stapleton's firts full-length release titled 'We Are The Plague' will be released early in 2020. The first single from the record 'Thylacine' is out on November 29th, 2019.

"It’s rare that a new artist comes along who genuinely defies easy description, but this is certainly the case with Stapleton. Her songs seem to inhabit the dark, intense corners of the soul in a manner not dissimilar to Nick Drake or even Elliott Smith, yet Stapleton’s guitar-playing is at once raw and tender, at times evoking the elemental spirit of Link Wray or ‘Sister’ era Sonic Youth... a bright new star in the ascendant."
- Louder Than War

"Like many of the best singers Stapleton has an unusual voice. Pervading all her singing is a huskiness that approaches Tom Waits territory, but beneath and supporting that is a supremely delicate and precise feel for the hearing Cat Power at her very best.“
- The AU Review

“Suzie Stapleton is a hard act to follow, I felt like a folk singer going on after Soundgarden. I think she is compelling listening and Melbourne’s best kept rock chick secret.”
- Spencer P Jones (Beasts of Bourbon)

“Suzie Stapleton doesn’t fuck around. Obladi Diablo’ has a Dirty Three and Nick Cave-like gritty Aussie folk quality to it; it breathes and broods and seethes and lives.”
- Milk Bar Mag

“The EP is an antidote to the insidious disease that is flaccid pop… There’s a depth of expression and passion on Obladi Diablo you don’t find in the ordinary record. Pop music… needs a serious prod from songwriters like Suzie Stapleton to remind it just what good music can sound like.”
- Beat Magazine

“You’d need to bandy around names such as Thurston Moore, PJ Harvey, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Mark Lanegan and Marianne Faithfull… People would get the general idea – yet would still come nowhere close. In fact, what she actually sounds like – more than anything – is Suzie Stapleton. The emerging new wave of assertive and gifted female artists is both urgently needed and one of the few bright spots in an otherwise ever more worrying world."
- Tom Robinson

“Striking, black-shrouded songwriting...”
- Clash Music

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