Sun Quay

Live Act Disco Dance Funk
Sun Quay - Disco Dance Funk Live Act in Riga

Sun Quay Short Info

Sun Quay is an alliance of engineer, marketing specialist, chief, active lifestyle consultant and universal freethinker. Five different roads, crossing at rehearsals, sound studios and on the stage, making music, which has a personality of each. It is complicated to describe Sun Quay in a few words or sentences, the art of this band is wide and many-sided, but there is something that is common to all their songs - sunny moods, ease, feelings, laugh and freedom. Sun Quay involuntary will make you dancing, smiling and having fun wherever you are – on a solemn event or in a middle of the forest. Enjoy it!


  • Sound City
  • Sound Closer
  • Sound Dari ko jūti


  • Riga LV


  • 2007


  • Laura keyboards
  • Andrey bass
  • Lolita vocal
  • Alexander guitar
  • Artur drums