Live Act Electronica Chill-Out ethno-fusion Easy Listening Ambient
Subha  - Electronica Chill-Out ethno-fusion Easy Listening Ambient Live Act in AUSTIN

Subha Short Info

Subha is a self taught keyboardist - composer and arranger. He grew up in India for the 1st half of his life in Mumbai and Kolkota. His early music influence was Late Bollywood music director: Rahul Dev Burman.

Subha moved to US in 1989 as a student and began writing original scores. He got influenced in the 80s by the music of Phil Collins, Genesis. #Sade, Madonna. In the 90s by Smooth Jazz/New age artists like: Yanni, Keiko Matsui, Chris Spheeris.

His current music featured in The New Illusions can be compared to a fusion of : #Enigma and #Yanni .

Discography Subha

  • 2014 The New Illusions Album |
  • 2009 Golden Lights Album | Seacliff Records


  • Sound Rapture
  • Sound Elevator To Ecstasy
  • Sound The Sicilian Bride
  • Sound A New Journey
  • Sound Mystic Mandala
  • Sound The Rain Storm
  • Sound Savannah
  • Sound Eternal Memories
  • Sound Metropolis
  • Sound Fireflies Bailamos




  • Subha Pindiproli Keyboards
  • Krystina Subieta Vocals