Stygian Ascent
SE Sala – Melodic Death / Melodic Metal / Black Metal / Neo-Klassik / Symphonic-Metal
Stygian Ascent


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Like any other band's history this one begins with a couple of guys dream about being able to make a living on what they enjoy most , making music.

They are a four member band who write and produce their own material. They debuted their first album in March of 2013 titled, Memories and was critically claimed for being innovative and creative. Reviews can be found here and here

They have played in Asia and Sweden and are looking for new places to play and showcase their new album that they are currently working on. More about the bands bio can be found here on this page

If you are looking for a band that are passionate and are going to get you a guaranteed head-banging crowd, I swear this your band!

These boys are just looking for chance to play heavy music for fellow head-bangers and just play what they love. This band has concoction of hard gritty shredding with a splash of harmonious undertones and thought inducing existential lyrics, which you see for yourself in the videos linked below. if you are interested or need more information, please do not hesitate to send me an email back.
Thank you so much for your time and have a rocking day!

PR Agent- Nadine Croos
Conact number: +46 072 005 5382