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Strysles - Rock Live Act in Luxembourg

Strysles Short Info

The Strysles are a group of four highly motivated musicians coming together from many different musical directions and influences, having accumulated experiences in the Luxembourgish music scene over the course of fifteen years. The Strysles are trying to mix and match different musical styles until they’re satisfied with the end result, from rock to hard rock with traces of funk and pop elements.

Past Gigs Strysles

  • 01 | 2015 Weiler-la-Tour Live @ Plectrum


  • Sound Tic Tac
  • Sound Good Friends


  • Luxembourg LU


  • 2010


  • David Lemmer lead-guitar, backing vocals
  • Dan Mangiulli rhythm-guitar, vocals
  • Sacha Heck bass
  • Ben Kehl drums

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