Small Miracles
GB Cardiff – New Wave / 80s / Grunge / Alternative Rock / Alternative Punk
Small Miracles


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Small Miracles are a dynamic New Wave quintet, fresh off the back of their sold out headline show in their home town, Cardiff.

Drawing inspiration from the early New Wave movement of the late 70s, Small Miracles infuse elements of Punk, Blues and Grunge into their genre-bending sound. Their music has a distinctly queer, underground feel, finely balancing heavy grooves and breakdowns with catchy hooks and choruses.

A Small Miracles live show is a lively, energetic and raucous affair, and their chemistry and musicianship is undeniable on stage. The variety within Small Miracles' set list makes for a captivating live show, with songs created with a room full of people dancing and moving in mind. Their songwriting consistently relays their bold, queer message in a direct manner - in some moments playful and whimsical, in others powerful and political - whilst retaining a clear sense of humour throughout.

Small Miracles comprise of Finn Pelling (lead vocals), Jim Webster (keys, organ), Steve Kenward (lead guitar), James Sarson (bass) and Lucas Eldridge (drums). Their eclectic array of influences include New Wave staples Blondie, Talking Heads and The Cure, as well as Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age and Idles in their heavier moments. Catch Small Miracles live at their next show on 30/1/22 at The Moon, Cardiff.

FFO: Blondie, Pixies, Talking Heads