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Lamour Records
D13eba59f21b6e3efc177f7ad23a957dd84562d5 Blocket (Slim Vic Remix) Single 2018
B6277845a9517524c0b410ba0d759cec90ab6a22 Frusen Kärlek På Hagaströms Ip Single 2018
3b13964091e446df5f9b8e3300f2199e7a79f153 Rötterna Decomposed Album 2018
D9820fa45ac462356162bfb032459f8438e18a54 Remixed (Part 4) Album 2018
2d520e9206a7bcbecad010a06f385929209d9292 Remixed (Part 3) Single 2017
2bd02fd7684c72a2854c001b5447aacf7455bd6b Personliga Artiklar Album 2017
7d5513b3205963d6101178e00e4bf8eebf39bfe5 Remixed (Part 2) Single 2016
77eb7c17cafe5503771b991f78b840a75928f649 Guf4life - Slim Vic Remixes Single 2016
77eb7c17cafe5503aa3e2ae3166415d8874fca77 Talong/Force Majeure Single 2015
Aeb776e15abe984ab27b3b5e4a2387492631de0c Habrovink EP (2015 Remastered) Album 2015
910630308ee1b3b134a4d5a909564ef747c4a9e2 Remixed (Part 1) Album 2015
4aa4c857e650750d1fdbb2e6407f9121f6984646 Brain Mash Album 2014
77eb7c17cafe5503de1eef20032979e392c113b9 Bärsärk Album 2014
C472e288500859baa614976aad99bc57a5856b20 Talong Single 2013
55b03603e2275d13cb90f54abe5bba394fd6bf81 Plös Single 2013
Lamour records
B72d8030031bab5eed4896f8659f2a158efff799 Körsbärsblom Single 2019
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Press Text
Slim Vic is one of Swedens leading innovator of the DJ and turntable culture.

With one foot in the urban club music and the other in arts music he combines the different worlds and constantly moving the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible with the traditional and proven context.

Slims performances range from Berlin’s experimental streets to packed stands when one of Sweden’s best hockey teams Brynäs have home games in Gavlerinken arena.
From soul-filled hotelllbars and lounges to art galleries and festivals in Europe’s capitals.
All with the same energy, joy and immersion with the desire to create the ultimate musical experience for the visitors.

Behind the name Slim Vic hides Viktor Zeidner (b. 1981) from Gävle. Viktor runs the club and record label Lamour. Member of improband Hawaii, metalband Dieselkopf, active in the visual team Deadpixel & resident VJ for SQ. Between 2006-2013, Viktor manage IDKA, Institute of Digital Arts.