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Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder INSIDE CITY Album 2014
Edit-artist-releases-release-placeholder BRAND NEW WORLD Album 2009
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SLAWEK DUDAR QUARTET SŁAWEK DUDAR – saxophone ROBERT JARMUŻEK – grand piano ADAM KABACIŃSKI - bass WOJTEK BULIŃSKI – drums special guest: ARTUR LESICKI – electric guitar Not longer than a month after the premiere, album INSIDE CITY was chosen as album of a month by FORBES, album of a week by a couple of radio stations and could be found on a list of 10 selected new music albums in TOP JAZZ among names such as Frank Sinatra, Monika Borzym, Los Angeles Trio and European Jazz Union among names such as Paolo Fresu, Artur Dutkiewicz Trio, Bill Naurance, Michiel Borstlap.

Moreover the album has been presented on radio stations in Japan, England, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Australia and Poland. The album is available in shops like : Empik, Saturn, MediaMarkt, in England and Itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Wimp.

New eclectic music material from the album INSIDE CITY is sonically and stylistically very different from the one included on the first album: BRAND NEW WORLD. This is the result of over a two-year long exploration in various areas of music - jazz, drums & bass, experimental music and Indian music. It's a set of genuine compositions by Slawek Dudar.

Dynamism and minimalism, painting with the usage of colours and space, energetic solos of the guitarist, expressive and thoughtful solos of the pianist, with the support of unrestrained playing of the drummer, bass grooves and balanced solos of the saxophonist - that's what characterizes the entire album.

A premiere of a music video , produced by Barlomiej Bartosiewicz from Unia Tworcow, took place in the first week of March.

You can watch it here:

The premiere recording is available here:



Slawek Dudar
+48 504 038 253


...a polish saxophonist, a teacher, a leader of jazzy quartet SŁAWEK DUDAR QUARTET, a sideman, an arranger,a composer, the alumnus of Instrumental Institution of Jazzy Music named after K. Lipiński in Wrocław, in profesor Janusz Brych’s classes.
He had a lot of concerts i.a. in Poland, Germany, France, Austria and Netherlands.
In 2009 he was nominated to Wrocław Musical Award in Light Music category and to Gazeta Wyborcza Award WARTO 2009. What is more, he was also nominated, together with the Dutch band COLLECTIVE JAZZ QUARTET to ‘the Music Lovers’ Hope 2009’ by ‘Music Lovers’ Jazzy Association „Melomani”.

We can hear his saxophone on authorial Sławek Dudar Quartet- BRAND NEW WORLD disc, JUNODUET – Kodex 2 (Magiera, L.A.) disc, Forever Green, the disc of Urszula Dudziak and Big Band from Zielonogórski University and ‘4871’ - LUNA Music disc.
He cooperated with such musicians as: Jeremy Pelt, Bodek Janke, Jean Clair de Ruwe, Boris Oostendorp, Olivia Trummer, Freak Weber ,Mama Oliver, Max Nauta Simonsen, Dan Freeman, Louis di Matteo, Adam Baldych, Jacek Kochan, Piotr Wojtasik, Michał Barański, Łukasz Pawlik, Dorota Piotrowska, Krzysztof Kiljanski, Janusz Brych, Jerzy Szymaniuk, Jerzy Główczewski, Stanisław Fijałkowski, Krzysztof Puma Piasecki, Paweł Tomaszewski, Dominik Wania, Jerzy Główczewski, Adam Skrzypek, Adam Wendt, Zbigniew Lewandowski, Piotr Baron, Tomasz Grabowy, Artur Lesicki, Piotr Dziubek, Beata Lerach, Natalia Grosiak, Sambor Dudziński.
He participated in many competitions and festivals, i.a. Jazz Floor /Austria/, Bandoneon Festival / Germany/, 18th Music Meeting / Netherlands/, ZAPPANALE #16 /Germany/, Görlitz Jazztage, International Film Festival Era New Horizons, International Competition of Jazzy Bands KROKUS JAZZ FESTIVAL /Jelenia Góra/, Jazzy Festival in Wrocław JAZZ BY ODRA, International Festival of Traditional Jazz /Iława/, All-polish Big Bands Festival /Nowy Tomyśl/, Traditional Jazz Festival Hot Jazz Spring /Częstochowa/, International Jazzy Struggle /Szczecin/, The Gardens of Songs Festival /Lublin/ WOW – The Huge Wrocław Hazing /Wrocław/, Music Zone of RAM Radio.
He cooperated with: Music Theatre Capitol in Wrocław (Gorączka, Swing, A Chorus Line, West Side Story), Polish Theatre ‘Smycz’ of Bartek Porczyk, Dramatic Theatre ‘Szaweł’ in Legnica and Opera ‘TURANDOT’ in Wrocław. He cooperated also with Philharmonic Orchestra in Opole and Dolny Śląsk, Guitar Association in Wrocław and Artistic Fund ARTISTIK.
He participated in many Jazzy Workshops with outstanding musicians like: Billy Harper, Kenny Garrett, Don Braden, Newman Taylor Baker, Francesce Tekstley, Paquito de Rivera, Piotr Wojtasik, Grzegorz Nagórski, Piotr Baron, Zbigniew Lewandowski, Adam Czerwiński, Maciej Sikała, Jarosław Śmietana, Mack Goldsbury, Adam Wendta, Leszek Żądło, Włodek Pawlik, Adam Pierończyk, Jaroslaw Śmietana, Ernst Bier, Francois Theberge, Stefan Weeke. Jaromir Honzak, Christian Rover.
He used to be a listener and a teacher in Private School of Jazz and Light Music.
Z. Czwojdy together with such people as Piotr Baron, Artur Lesicki, Zbigniew Czwojda, Adam Skrzypek, Grażyna Łobaszewska, Janusz Konefał, Zbigniew Lewandowski, Marek Markowski, Marek Bałata, Andrzej Schmidt. He was a saxophone teacher in Institution of Musical Schools – Musical School of 2nd Grade in Legnica.

ROBERT JARMUŻEK - pianist, composer, arranger. Member of many great bands, including: Mikromusic, Mariija (now Marcellina), The Sound Office, Chromosomos and Coherence Quartet. In addition, working with other teams: Apostrophe Quartet, VBB, Leszek Cichońskim, vocalist Tim Mitchell, Missa Pacis Wawrzynowicz Martin, Roy Bennett Group, Maciej Fortuna Quartet. He worked among others with: Tom Grabowy, Robert Szydlo, Piotr Baron, Adam Fiddler, Olga Bończyk, Mark Raduli, Leszek Cichoński, Jarek Smietana, Jorgos Skolias, Arek Skolik, Martin Lamch, Luke Kluczniak, LUC, Frank Parker. He has, inter alia, on the Top Trends Mikromusic team, Opole Debuts with Kate MIROWSKA which currently has a team of Liquid Love, a television program with a team of New Generation Mariija.

ADAM KABACIŃSKI - bassist, producer, songwriter. He was born in 1987 in Szczecin. Graduate of the jazz music academy. Karol Szymanowski in Katowice. He currently works and lives in Wrocław. Co-founder, producer and bassist projects: Margaret J. Project, Night Marks Electric Trio and Bap Neo.

WOJTEK BULIŃSKI - drummer, a graduate of the Academy of Music in Wroclaw, in the classroom, Dr. Darius Kaliszuk. He collaborated with artists such as Peter Wojtasik, Grzegorz Nagorski, Dante Luciani, Mack Goldsbury, Reggie Moore, Francesco Angiuli, Titilayo Adedokun, Maciej Fortuna, Barry Manilow, Mikromusic, Anne Kłys, Lena Romul, Kasia Mirowska, Beata Lerach and many others. Winner of numerous awards at competitions jazz m.in: First prize at the Jazz Juniors in Cracow 2009 and the third prize at the Krokus Jazz Festival 2009 in Jelenia Gora - Lena Romul Quintet, III prize in Tarnów Jazz Contest 2009 - Bart Pernal Quintet. Currently working with teams, Joao LOV Rocks and with many others as a session musician..

ARTUR LESICKI - guitarist, composer, working In various musical genre, mainly jazz. One of the leaders of Poland’s top electric jazz group Funky Groove, according to Jazz Forum magazine – the best electric jazz group of 2003, 2004. The group’s first record, released by Universal, was placed in the firm’s world catalog soon after its release. The guitarist has also his own bands: Acoustic – Artur Lesicki Acoustic Harmony and electric- Artur Lesicki Trio. The premiere of the acoustic group’s first record, An Unbelievable Silence also release by Universal, took place in April of 2004.. Ever since the concert premiere the group has been very warmly received by both the listeners and musical critics. The second album of Artur Lesicki Acoustic Harmony Stone and Ashes took places in September 2010.

Working with many Polish jazz(eg. Peter Herbolzheimer, Adam Holzman, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Wojciech Karolak, Tomasz Szukalski, Anna Maria Jopek) and pop music personalities Artur performed on all important jazz festivals: JazzJamboree, Summer Jazz Days,etc. as well as those abroad (in Japan, China, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands). Works also as a session musician backing up Polish pop stars as well as recordings for the theatre and film industry. Moreover, he continues his work as an academic teacher, giving lectures at musical workshops and teaching at the Wroclaw School of Jazz and Pop Music.