Live Act Acoustic Ambient Improvisation Experimental
Skarabej - Acoustic Ambient Improvisation Experimental Live Act in Ljubljana

Skarabej Short Info

Skarabej is duet that is combining a classical instrument - violin and new invention, sound sculpture - hang, is dedicated on searching for that moments when music starts to play by itself.

Our music is travelling between different genres, from African and Arabic rhythms, classical passages, and experimental scratchings.
But it's always lyrical and poetical.

Past Gigs Skarabej

  • 08 | 2015 Varaždin/Croatia Šprancirfest festival

Discography Skarabej

  • 2014 Skarabej - Music for Hang and Violin Album | Klopotec


  • Video The Way Out is Through / Sk...
  • Sound


  • Ljubljana SI


  • 2013


  • Boris Magdalenc Hang player
  • Matija Krečič Violin player