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Sinus - Techno Experimental Dubtechno Deep Techno Live Act in Calw

Sinus Short Info

Sinus was born in the region of the Northern Black Forest and he grew up there, too.
At the young age of 15, he built his first hip hop beats on the computer and after that he
began to write his first lyrics and start to rap.

However, his focus was always on the possibilities of electronic sound generation and hence the interest in purely electronic music!

Inspired by Ansome , Martin St├╝rtzer , Octave and Florian Meindl, he began to play analog live early 2014.
Now, Sinus finally find his own musical environment and he started to produce more focused to release
a solo EP on Audiotech soon in 2016.

Past Gigs Sinus

  • 01 | 2016 Club Zollamt Stuttgart New Year Rave 2016

Discography Sinus

  • 2016 Moor EP EP | Audiotech


  • Video Sinus - Dub Techno Liveset...
  • Sound Sinus - Moor (Preview)
  • Video Sinus - Live Session Fall 2015

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