Shrinking Violets

Live Act Indiepop Blues Rock Soul Garage Rock Psychedelic Pop
Shrinking Violets - Indiepop Blues Rock Soul Garage Rock Psychedelic Pop Live Act in Birmingham

Shrinking Violets Short Info

Idealised beyond eccentricity: “Shrinking Violets” are the five-piece result of an experiment to blend rock and roll with soul and psychedelic pop––blossoming from the soil of their hometown, Redditch. Fronted by the powerhouse vocals of Jodie Ollis, the band conceptualises and realises their sounds in the kitchen of their cul-de-sac Semi. With tones as bright as their colours, and a nonchalant poetical agenda, Shrinking Violets brings the essence of nature via the truth of electronics to an unsustainable state of beautiful chaos.


  • Sound Girlfriend
  • Sound House Of Clowns
  • Sound Lady Frankenstein


  • Birmingham GB


  • 2015


  • Jodie Ollis Vocals
  • Greg Clarke Guitar and Vocals
  • Ben Gibbs Keyboards
  • Alastair Fleming Bass
  • Kyle Halford Drums

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